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July 1910

Factory Holidays

There is an indication that the holidays in local mills and factories will, in some cases at least, be longer than usual this year. Trade generally is quiet, and there is a tendency to shut down as long as possible in the hope that work will accumulate. It is likely that in the majority of cases the week only will be given, but it is understood that several mill owners have stated that they intend to close of a fortnight, while others will be off for ten days. Read more......

June 1910

Caledon Secure Two Large Contracts

Dundee shipyard workers have no reason to complain of lack of work at the present moment. This week the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Limited, booked orders for the construction of other two large steamers. The new vessels are for the Clyde Shipping Company, Limited, Glasgow, for which firm the Caledon Company have already built 19 vessels, a striking testimony to the high class work turned out by the yard. The vessels are intended for the coasting trade between English and Irish ports. And they will in every respect be practical duplicates of the craft previously built for this firm in the Caledon Yard. Both steamers will be of fairly large dimensions. Each will be 252 feet long, while their registered gross tonnage will be 1330, they will be fitted with the latest and most up to date appliances for the rapid and easy handling of cargo and powerful engines will be supplied from the Caledon Company's Lilybank Foundry. These contracts along with the tourist steamer already in hand, ensure steady work to the Caledon Yard employees till the end of this year. Read more......

May 1910

Old Project Revived

There is the likelihood that before very long St Mary's Tower, better known to Dundonians as the Old Steeple, will be surmounted by a handsome crown, after the style of the crown on the tower of St Giles, Edinburgh. It may be remembered that some years ago the notion of having an open crown on the top of the Old Steeple was discussed in these columns, but at that time the project was allowed to drop. The idea has again been taken up, however, and, should the scheme that is being discussed come to fruition, the tower that has for so many centuries been the most beautiful landmark in these parts will soon be transformed. Read more......

April 1910

The Trackless Trolley

There is every prospect of the proposal to adopt the trackless trolley tramway system in Dundee being revived again. The question was specifically referred to in the course of a lecture given by Mr Fisher, the Tramway Manager, in Coldside Library on Wednesday.

Bailie Johnston presided over a large attendance. In the course of a very interesting illustrated lecture Mr Fisher dwelt at length on the trackless system, and showed what was done on the continent. Bailie Johnston also spoke on the subject, and expressed the hope that the scheme would be taken up again. The widening of Loons Road gave an opportunity for connecting the Maryfield terminus with the Lochee terminus. He complimented Mr Fisher on the successful working of the city tramways. In regard to the proposed reduction of fares, he would be in favour of a penny all the way so long as the halfpenny stages were not interfered with. However, it might be possible to reduce the maximum fare from 2d to 1½ d. Read more......

March 1910

Broughty Bowlers - Turfing the new Green

The work in connection with the making of a bowling green in the Orchar Park has so far progressed that the Council has now tackled the question of the turf - the kind, and who will lay it. The preliminary work was given to the unemployed. Several members of the Council are anxious that local turf should be used and local labour employed, Mr Anderson Jr., who initiated the scheme, especially pressing for that end. The Councillor asserted that local turf could be for £80 or less. He deprecated asking for expert advice. They had started out to make a simple green, but now were to lay it with palatial turf. Ex-Bailie Crystal said Councillors seemed to be taking it for granted that an expert would condemn local turf. If they laid down indifferent turf they would never be out of trouble. The Council must support Mr Roddan right through the matter, which was ultimately remitted with powers to a small Committee. Read more......

February 1910

Dark Blues for the Scottish Cup?

By common consent the cup-tie at Motherwell is the most interesting of the day. If Dundee can clear the Fir Park defence, few would be surprised to see the Dark Blues in the final for the Scottish Cup. Any number of arguments could be advised as to why the Dundonians should win and a few showing why they shouldn't. But cup ties are settled by play, not hot air, and the position is that if the Tayside club is even to make a draw, the form of the team must equal that against Falkirk. Unfortunately Dundee have not the gift of reproducing their best play at any given period; not to put to fine a point upon it, they are notorious erratic. In Motherwell they face a hardy resolute eleven built on cup tie lines - no superfluity of science, but no lack of dash and determination. If the northern Blues are in the mood that extinguished Falkirk they will win or draw; otherwise Motherwell will occupy the unusual position for them as semi-finalists. Read more......

January 1910

Christmas Tree Entertainment

The annual Christmas tree entertainment to the scholars attending Mains and Strathmartine U.F. Church Sunday school took place last night in the church hall. There was a good attendance, presided over by the Rev. John Douglas, M.A. After tea there was a programme of songs and recitals and gramophone selections by Mr Sidney Gordon was carried through. Thereafter the Christmas tree was dismantled to the joy of the young people. Read more......

December 1909

The Tree of Liberty in Dundee

View from the LawThe action of Dundee School Board in trying to secure the Belmont grounds for a new West End Academy will probably mean the end of Dundee's "Tree of Liberty".

In the Belmont grounds grows a hale and green tree - "Tree of Liberty".

More than one hundred years have gone by since it figured in one of the most stirring events of the stirring times which marked the latter decades of the eighteenth century. Read more......

November 1909

Cleaning the Steeple Church

SteepleThe question of painting the interior of the Steeple Church was discussed at a meeting of the Works Committee of the Town Council on Tuesday. A sub committee, without deciding as to whether the work should be done, decided that tenders should be asked. Read more......

October 1909

The Dundee "Striking" Suffragettes

MeetingThe five suffragettes who were sent to prison on Wednesday in connection with the Churchill meeting disturbance are still "doing time". So far they have resisted the temptation to take the food that is regularly provided for them, and are bearing their self-imposed "hunger-strike" with great stoicism. Read more......