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November 1963

Great Stuff Dundee!

Apart from one isolated month in 1960, Dundee’s total of out-of-works is the smallest since 1956. That’s good news this morning.

If you want your glad tidings in figures, here goes:

Dundonians this week with a job to go to – 90,461.
Dundonians out of work – 2768.

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October 1963

Monday is B-Day!

Monday is Dundee autumn holiday, but to the city’s younger set the date has much more significance than freedom from work and study. October 7 in the teen calendar is B-Day – the day the Beatles come to town.

The Beatles, John, George, Paul and Ringo to the uninitiated (but who is these days!), must be regarded as the post-war phenomenon of the entertainment world.

Loved and loathed, mocked and mimicked, the Beatles success just cannot be ignored.

Since the groups big breakthrough at the start of the year “Beatlism” has swiftly taken a firm hold on the country in general.

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September 1963

Beatles in Town

The visit to Dundee by the chart-topping Beatles is still three weeks away (writes jazz columnist Fraz). But judging by this week’s box office figures, everything points to a night unparalleled in the staid Caird Hall for quite some time.

The rush for tickets this week resulted in a second performance being arranged. An aggregate attendance of close on 5000 teenagers and curious Mums and Dads has been forecast for the two houses, emphasising the city’s willingness to support a top-class attraction.

Unfortunately, the blossoming into reality of the show has revived a dormant fear in local pop fans.

The big question being asked in coffee bars, offices and other meeting places this week has been “How are Dundonian audiences going to react to the raving Liverpudlians?”

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August 1963

Beatles at the Caird Hall

The eagerly-awaited appearance of The Beatles in Dundee has been set for early October.

The Caird Hall will house this certain crowd puller, certainly the city’s biggest “pop” promotion for quite some time.

The supporting bill for the show stars an exciting array of top entertainers – the Caravelles, the singing duo who at present occupy a hit parade berth, Houston Wells and the Marksmen, the Crestas, and local men the Teenbeats.

In addition to their Dundee date, the Beatles will also appear in Glasgow and Kirkcaldy.

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July 1963

The Jute Crisis

Angus Hotel

After a two and a half hour meeting between the Board of Trade and employers and employees on the jute industry, it was predicted this week that over the next two years the mark-up for imported jute goods will be reduced from 20 to 5 per cent.

Such a move, it is forecast, could put 6000 workers on the dole.

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June 1963

Lochee’s Newest Shopping Centre

The lucky tenants of Whorterbank, one of the most modern housing areas in Scotland, have another fortunate aspect –they have one of the best shopping centres in the city.

Set well back from busy Lochee High Street, the centre offers many advantages to busy shoppers, one of the best being broad footpaths. For these mean that mothers can park the prams, while they are shopping, safe in the knowledge that they’re not blocking the pavements for others. Read more......

May 1963

The Battle’s o’er!

Dundee’s last match in the European Cup has provided for the Dens crowd the extremes of Continental temperament.

“Sythe ‘em down, sake hands and we’re all pals in sport,” seemed to be the Milan motto in the determination to hold on to their four-goal lead. Read more......

April 1963

Corporation Shows the Way

The corporation has given a lead in the use of the Riverside Park airstrip. On Tuesday the first men associated with the corporation to use the air link for a business trip were Councillor Alex Soutar, convener of the Corporation Parks Committee and Mr A.S. Dow, parks director. Read more......

March 1963

Dundee Goes Fitba’ Daft

There was an electric atmosphere of expectancy in the city on Wednesday evening. A running commentary passed by word of mouth as Dundee fitba’ fans kept phoning the “Courier” office.

At home supporters leapt out of their chairs a-la-Gilzean when the great news came through that Dundee had beaten Anderlecht, pride of Brussels, by 4-1. Read more......

February 1963

That Was the Thaw That Was!

“If this is the thaw, bring back the freeze-up”.

That was the attitude of suburban Dundonians yesterday as they woke to find one of the heaviest snowfalls of the winter.

True, the thaw was here in the form of wet snow, churned into ankle deep slush by early morning traffic ready for the poor pedestrians. Read more......