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March 1979

Doggy Guard at the Library

Blackness LibraryThe caretaker at Blackness Avenue Library, Dundee, found himself faced by an unexpected - and unfriendly - reception committee when he went to open the building yesterday morning. A snarling Alsation dog on the steps refused to let him pass. Read more......

February 1979

Full Shelves and Still Down to Earth

City CentreEvaporated Milk (14½oz) - 22½p
Corned Beef (12oz) - 56p
Goblin Hamburgers (15½oz) - 35p
HP Beans (15½oz) - 12½p
Heinz Spaghetti (15oz) - 17p
Giant Fairy Liquid - 29½p
6 McVitie's Penguins - 25½p
Bottle Whyte & MacKay Whisky - £4.25
Templeton Supermarkets. Read more......

January 1979

More Snow Chaos

OvergateThe snow which had Dundee in its grip all last week finally disappeared on Sunday thanks to an amazing overnight thaw. However Dundonians hopes that that was the end of it for a while were dashed when they woke on Wednesday to discover several inches had fallen overnight. So it was back to the chaos of the previous week as citizens struggled to get to work on time. For most it was a long battle. Little had been done to make the roads easy to use and long lines of traffic built up on all the routes into town. Read more......

December 1978

Black Watch Men are Top Drivers

OvergateVolunteer soldiers with plenty of drive - that's our Dundee lads of A (Black Watch) Company, 1st Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers.

From the H.Q. Highland Rally - for teams in Land Rovers - the Rodd Road boys in Khaki took the supreme award, the Swan Trophy.

This was won in a field of 60 participants and featured 200 miles of motoring through Fife and Perthshire. Read more......

November 1978

Big Rush for Panto Seats

MurraygateWhen priority booking took place for Dundee Dramatic Society's Christmas Panto "The Sleeping Beauty" all eleven performances were sold out in two hours.

With 2,000 seats taken, this means there will be no public booking available for the show. Read more......

October 1978

Blaze at Dundee Music Centre

High StreetFire severely damaged a room at the Dundee Accordion Music Centre at 23 Union Street at about 6 pm yesterday.

Police blocked off both ends of Union Street as fireman used an expanding snorkel tender to get at the third floor blaze. Read more......

September 1978

OvergateClocking in at the Wellgate Centre

An animated feature clock will be a special attraction for children at the Wellgate Shopping Centre.

Mr Peter Haward, of Haward Horological Ltd of Ipswich is working on the area where the clock is to be installed - on the third floor of the Centre above the patio restaurant. Read more......

August 1978

Changing Face of the Overgate Centre

OvergateThe Overgate Shopping Centre must be one of the most changed places in the city over the past few months.

With the opening of the Wellgate Centre the hub of shopping seems to have moved towards the Murraygate. Read more......

July 1978

Coldside Petition

Boots CornerHundreds of people who either live or shop in the Coldside area, have signed a petition calling for better pedestrian facilities on the roads there.

The problem was highlighted on the front page of the "Journal" last week.

Councillors Ian Fyffe and Joe Barton have both expressed concern about safety in this part of town. Read more......

June 1978

Ouch! Who Put That There?

Busy shopsTayside Region's parking meters may soon be hurting Dundee motorists in the pocket. But the "Journal" has heard of the meters already causing pain - in a physical way.

The pay and display ticket slot machines have been installed on pavements in the town centre. Any they're proving a hazard to children. Read more......