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July 1938

Big City Telephone Development

Over a thousand Dundee people will this afternoon participate in a kind of transfer deal. No, it has nothing to do with football. It concerns telephones and telephone numbers.

At precisely two o’clock this afternoon 1040 telephone subscribers in the east end of the city will be transferred from the central exchange to the new eastern exchange in Dalkeith Road, which comes into operation for the first time at the hour mentioned.

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June 1938

Cinema Ban on Priests

Roman Catholic priests in Dundee may no longer go to the cinema.
This ban was placed on them in common with other priests throughout Scotland, following a meeting of the Roman Catholic bishops at Blair’s College Aberdeen.

A letter has been issued by the Bishop of Dunkeld to members of the R.C. clergy in his diocese, which includes Dundee, and the prohibition is already in force. Read more......

May 1938

Dundee Gets Gift of Fire Engine

Dundee has received a gift of a fire engine free of charge. It is not a present from a beneficent admirer, but from the Government as part of the air raid precautions equipment.  Read more......

April 1938

Overgate Shopkeeper’s Drastic Action

An Overgate Shopkeeper has decided to take drastic steps to deal with customers who will not pay their debts.

The names of those whose accounts are not paid by today will be shown in the shop window. Read more......

March 1938

Official Secrets Act Charge
City Women Shopkeeper Arrested

Dundee came into the limelight this week by the arrest of a middle-aged woman on a charge under the Official Secrets Act.

The woman was Mrs Jessie Wallace or Jordan, aged 51, who for some months had conducted a ladies’ hairdressing establishment in the north end of the city.

She formally appeared at the Police Court on Thursday morning when she was remanded until next Thursday. Read more......

February 1938

Mystery Call to Jute Workers

Mill workers in the west end of the city got a surprise call back to work yesterday when the “bummers” of a certain factory started to blow nearly ten minutes before they were due. Read more......

January 1938

Jute Firms Get Big Orders

Local jute firms will benefit by big orders placed by L.N.E.R. The Railway Company state that they have placed orders for 410,000 yards of sacking, 427,000 sleepers, and 2,165,000 gallons of creosote oil. Read more......

December 1937

Bye- Election at Lochee

Polling day in the Lochee bye-election is on Tuesday. The election is of more than ordinary importance. A win for the Moderates will ensure the continuance of the present regime in the Town Council for the next three years. Read more......

November 1937

Leerie for 48 Years

Dundee Family of Lamplighters
Yet another member of Dundee’s well known family of leeries has retired after 48 years’ service with the lighting department.

He is Mr James McCabe, 37, Rosebank Street, who for over 20 years has been foreman lamplighter in Dundee, and has seved 48 years – all his working life – as a leerie. Read more......

October 1937

Budget Enquiry in Dundee

Special Report to “People’s Journal”.

The Government’s national inquiry into how the weekly expenditure in the working-class houses is apportioned has been carried out smoothly and expeditiously in Dundee. Most of the houses selected at random have been visited, and the forms that had to be filled in will be collected early next week. Read more......