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March 1913

Aeroplane in Dundee

Dundee’s attractions for the many visitors within her gates on Monday were substantially augmented by the manoeuvring of an aeroplane over the city.

The sky was clear, and there was not a breath of wind as the machine glided towards the town from the east about a quarter of an hour before noon. It was the best view of an aeroplane ever obtained in the district. Read more......

February 1913

Failure of the Fuel in the Antarctic

Commander Evans’ Latest Communication
The latest despatch from Commander Evans states that Captain Scott and his party reached the Pole on January 17. The Union Jack was hoisted, and photographs of the explorers taken. These films have been recovered and developed, together with photographs of Amundsen’s tent. The return journey over the plateau was marked by a series of good marches in medium weather. Read more......

January 1913

Couple on the Law

An incident that occurred on the Law Hill the other evening is illustrative of the real danger involved in a stroll in certain parts of the city after darkness.  Read more......

November 1912

Riveters’ Strike

A temporary agreement has been come to whereby the riveters in the employment of the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Dundee resumed work on Thursday and continue till Wednesday, when a settlement of a permanent nature is expected to be reached. Read more......

October 1912

Triple Swimming Champion

Young Dundonian Who Set Up New Record

Can Conrad Wenyon, the brilliant young Dundee swimmer, with the 220 yards’ championship of Scotland at Glasgow on Monday? If he can – and there is no reason why he shouldn’t – he will have set the seal on his aquatic fame. Read more......

September 1912

Whaling Up-to-date

Is Dundee being left behind in the whaling industry? The question is raised by the modern methods of whaling adopted by Norwegians. By running the business on the most scientific methods they are making great profits, while in Dundee whaling has not been paying for a long time. Read more......

August 1912

Lochee Wins Counties Bowling Association Cup

Lochee won the cup of the Forfar, Perth and Fife Counties Bowling Association at the annual rink tournament held on Saturday. In all, 140 rinks were entered; embracing 560 players and Lochee had the record average of 23 points up per rink. They had three rinks entered, and their total majority was 69. The second place was taken by Scone, whose three rinks were 51 shots up – and average of 17 – while Abbey (Arbroath), with five rinks, were 51 up, and an average of 10 1-5. Read more......

July 1912

Dundee Burglars and the Dog Watch

Dundee PostcardA daring burglary was perpetrated at Ninewells, to the west of Dundee. Not only was money abstracted, but considerable damage was done to the furniture and fittings in the house. Read more......

June 1912

Broughty’s Novel Bathers

Picturesque is the scene on Broughty sands when the tide is nearly full at this season. The water is alive with jovial bathers, while everywhere, clad in bright colours, the wielden of the pail and spade are noticeable. Read more......

May 1912

Was I Forced To Leave Dens Park?

(By Jimmie Bellamy)

(“Why is Bellamy leaving Dundee?” is a question that has often been asked since the news came out that the brilliant outside-right had signed for Motherwell. In the following article the player himself tells the reason – Ed. P.J)

To the average football follower – among that class I number many of my most valued friends – there must be something of a mystery, in my leaving Dens Park, and just as I had qualified for a benefit. Read more......