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May 1978

Flooding on the Kingsway

MultisDuring last weeks heavy rain the northern side of the roundabout on the Kingsway at its junction with Old Glamis Road was quite badly flooded - and not for the first time.

"Everytime there is heavy rain the dip at this circle fills up" said one angry driver.

"Apart from being the main dual carriageway this road is widely used by people going to the Kingsway Technical College. With cars travelling at speed it could result in an accident". Read more......

April 1978

Wellgate Centre's Opening Success

Wellgate CentreThe opening day of the Wellgate Centre in Dundee was heralded by hundreds of people milling about the landscaped areas, with not a seat to be had.

From a commercial and a public relations point of view yesterday's first day was an unqualified success. Read more......

March 1978

Anton House Open Weekend

Central BarThere was a large turnout at Anton House Work Centre, in Broughty Ferry yesterday afternoon, to hear Jimmy Spankie of Grampian TV perform the official opening ceremony of the house's open week. Read more......

February 1978

Plane Plunges into Tay in Thick Fog
Freezing ordeal as three cling to nose wheel. Two men and a teenage boy were pulled from the freezing, fogbound waters of the Tay yesterday after their light aircraft plunged into the river as it approached Dundee.

Amazingly the trio, all from Dundee, escaped virtually uninjured after their twenty minute ordeal, during which they clung desperately to the nose wheel, which had been torn from the aircraft on impact. Read more......

January 1978

New Health Centre Impresses Dundee Folk

Angus HotelIt is now seven weeks since the custom-built Wallacetown Health Centre in Dundee opened its doors to patients.

Built and equipped at a total cost of £725,000, the centre sited between Lyon Street and Victoria Street, is Dundee's newest and the biggest of its type in Tayside. Read more......

April 1964

Relax Dundee but Don't Sag

In the tension of Hampden on Scottish Cup final day, anything goes.
Who can allow for serious injury to any player? Who can say which players will hit form and which won't (writes Gordon Gray)

And with two attacking teams like Dundee and Rangers, which defence will crack first?

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March 1964

The Boys of the Old (Tram) Brigade

High Street

The trams were running again in Dundee on Wednesday – in memories of over a hundred men of the old transport brigade, who held a long awaited reunion in Transport House in Barrack Street.

Everyone present had spent at least 20 years in the Transport Department and there was no shortage of stories of the pioneer days of passenger traffic in Dundee.

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February 1964

New Shock for Mr McGovern

Councillor Peter McGovern received a bombshell this week – he has not been adopted as prospective Socialist candidate for the Downfield Ware, which he has represented for 10 years.

His colleagues, Lord Provost Maurice McManus and Mrs Agnes Holway, were readopted, together with Councillor Ian Borthwick, who presently represents the borderline Dudhope ward.

This latest blow to Mr McGovern follows his recent “brushes” with the Socialist party executive and the A.E.U.

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January 1964

Earlier Date for Bridge Opening

The Tay Road Bridge could be finished by March 31, 1966, three months ahead of the original target date – or even earlier.

But to achieve this may mean relieving the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Dundee, of part of their sub-contract for steel girders, on which work they are falling behind.

This was reported to the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board on Thursday.

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December 1963

A Race Against Time

The spectacular fire which destroyed Clearex Products, Ltd’s factory on Saturday, seriously threatened the Hydro-Board’s switching station at Milton of Craigie Road.

Although the flames were held in check, soot deposits from the billowing clouds of black smoke affected the electricity lines.

The 132 Kv line for Carolina Port began to give trouble, but fortunately Hydro-Board men had raced to the station and averted danger. The line was switched off and supplies re-rooted.

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