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December 1913

The New Scala Picture Theatre

The latest addition to Dundee’s places of entertainment, the Scala Picture Theatre, is to be opened on Tuesday first. In these

days when the craze is to get your entertainment from the film the presence in the city of a new cinema hall modelled on the most up-to-date and attractive lines are welcome.

The new theatre, situated in a popular district will without doubt command many patrons. No expense has been spared by the proprietors to construct a theatre where elegance of appointment and comfort are happily combined.

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November 1913

Elmgrove Mystery
Anonymous Letter to Chief Constable
Groundless Allegations

Who murdered Jean Milne at Elmgrove, Brought Ferry?
This question has puzzled the best brains of the Scottish police for over a year and still awaits solution. A fresh turn has, however, been given to the affair by the receipt of an anonymous letter. The letter was written in Liverpool and posted in London to the Chief Constable of Edinburgh. This in itself is a strange procedure, for the information concerned a well-known West of Scotland gentleman of high social standing, and of many responsibilities.

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October 1913

Naval Job for Dundee

Jackal to be Repaired Locally
As we anticipated in the “Dundee Advertiser” the repairs to the torpedo-destroyer Jackal, which was cut through the bows by the super-Dreadnought Thunderer during the North sea manoeuvres, and has been dry docked at Dundee, will be executed by local shipbuilders.

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September 1913

Robbed on the Tay

Police Search for Stolen £20 Bank Notes
Dundee is being search high and low for a number of bank notes which made a mysterious disappearance from the pocket of a passenger on board a Tay pleasure steamer on Sunday evening.

Before crossing the gangway the gentleman, who hails from the continent and has been residing in the city for some time, had in his possession a considerable sum of money, and when the vessel was well on its journey he made the startling discovery that he had been relieved of some £42.

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August 1913

Proposed Memorial to the Late Miss M.L. Walker

That the valuable work carried on by the late Miss Mary L. Walker at Grey Lodge should be continued is the laudable desire of an influential Committee appointed to promote a memorial to the deceased lady, and no pains are being spared to accumulate a fund for this object.

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Windy Weather Beauty Tip

When the winds plays havoc with your face don’t smear on creams to soften the skin. They many soften for the moment, but they will make it apt to chap and redden as soon as it is exposed to the cold air. Put a handful of oatmeal into all water used for washing the face, and use lukewarm water only. Dry with a soft towel and dust the face lightly with fullers’ earth or any other good scentless powder. Read more......

July 1913

Death of Noted Dundee Lady

By the death of Miss Mary Lily Walker Dundee has lost one of her noblest daughters. Miss Walker had devoted her life and her energies to the amelioration of the condition of the poor, and to her labours was largely due the active existence of the Dundee Social Union with its many and varied ramifications.

The deceased lady, who was about 50 years of age, was in her usual health until Friday, when an obscure and dangerous illness manifested itself. She grew rapidly worse and on Monday her condition was recognised as precarious. She passed away about nine o’clock on Tuesday morning at the Grey Lodge, Wellington Street, Dundee.

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June 1913

Suffragettes Raid Dundee Pillar Boxes

After a period of inactivity Dundee Suffragettes broke out again on Thursday night. On this occasion their campaign of persuasion took the form of an organised attack on the city letter boxes, the methods adopted being very similar to the tactics followed in isolated instances during the past few months. Read more......

May 1913

Swat That Suffragette!

Pestilent Women Cause Alarm and Destruction in Dundee
Dundee Suffragettes are on the move again, and are planning more trouble and damage if one can judge from a number of letters which have been sent out, purporting to come from a traitor in the camp. The women keep their own counsel in mapping out their nefarious schemes and guard their secrets will, but evidently one of the chosen few has been appalled by the possible consequences of enthusiasm run riot, and has given the show away. Read more......

April 1913

The Spring Holiday

Dundee spring holiday was observed on Monday and the different works, shops, offices and places of business were all closed.

There was a great exodus from the city. It commenced on Friday, continued in an increasing extent on Saturday, and developed to its full limit on Monday, when trainload after trainload of eager trippers, left the city to various places of varying distances away. Read more......