July 1910

Factory Holidays

There is an indication that the holidays in local mills and factories will, in some cases at least, be longer than usual this year. Trade generally is quiet, and there is a tendency to shut down as long as possible in the hope that work will accumulate. It is likely that in the majority of cases the week only will be given, but it is understood that several mill owners have stated that they intend to close of a fortnight, while others will be off for ten days.

The River Tay

During the next few days the beauties of the Tay will be explored by thousands of Dundonians. For the benefit of all holidaymakers Messrs William Kidd & Sons, Whitehall Street, have issued a neat, well-illustrated, and capably-written handbook entitled "The River Tay". The letterpress is from the pen of William Reid, F.S.A. Scot. Mr Reid notes all the places of interest on both banks of the river between Dundee and Perth, and supplies much historical information concerning abbeys, mansions and monuments. The price is one penny.

Beached Whale at Broughty

During the past week-end the inhabitants up and down the banks of the Tay were interested in the movements of a young whale. Between the sandbanks and the Tay Bridge the whale was seen by a large numbers of persons. On Tuesday it was sighted from the Mars Training Ship swimming up near the land. Running aground on the beach, the unwieldy brute got free and darted into mid stream and up the water towards the Tay Bridge. Later in the day it was seen near Broughty Ferry apparently in a dying condition. It was afterwards captured and brought to the rocks beside the Castle, where it now remains dead, awaiting claimants for ownership. Up 'til a late hour in the evening the enterprising Broughty boatmen were taking off loads of passengers to view the floating carcass at a nominal return fare, but the strong smell kept the sightseers at a respectful distance. During the night the monster slipped its moorings and floated down the river.

It is now over thirty years since a whale was seen in the river. The skeleton of the previous one now rests in the Museum. It is supposed by the Ferry fishermen that the whale founds its way into the river searching for a salmon, which are now plentiful. The Whale, which measures 20 feet, and is estimated at over two tons and a half in weight, is of the bottle-nosed type.

Jack's Boot Store

33 High Street, Dundee
(Opposite Whitehall Street)
You get footwear that will give you the utmost satisfaction in wearing at Jack's Boot Store. The process are very moderate. A great variety of excellent boots and shoes for holiday wear awaits your inspection. Will you call and see them one of these days? David Jack
(For many years manager of Patterson's, Overgate Corner).

Dundee Reading Rooms

Progress of Building Operations
The two public buildings at present in course of erection in Dundee, and which will come under the management of the Free Library Committee, are making satisfactory progress. Already a very fair idea can be obtained of the handsome appearance the Central Reading-Rooms in Ward Road will present when the building is complete. The stonework is practically finished to the wall head, and preparations are now being made for proceeding with the construction of the central tower. It is not expected, however, that the reading-rooms will be ready for occupancy until April or May next year.

The construction of St. Roques Reading Rooms in the east end of the city, has also been proceeded with satisfactorily, and the building is now roofed and slated. A start has been made with the internal finishing's and with the laying out of the terrace garden to the west, which is to form one of the features of the scheme. The expectation is that these rooms will be ready for opening in October or November.

Mammoth Charity Sports Carnival

(Under S.A.A.A Rules)
Baxter Park, Dundee
Saturday 9th July 1910
Programme of 40 events
Prizes £200
Marathon Race - 18 miles with last 2 miles to be run in the park Relay races, flat races, high jump, pillow fights, 300 yards, footballers' race. 5-A-Side football tournament - Referee Jimmy Quinn, Celtic F.C.
Grand gymnastics display
Juvenile dancing competition - prizes to be presented at 6 p.m. by Harry Lauder.
Driving and horse-trotting competitions.
Bands, alfresco entertainments, side-shows and dancing on the green from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Gate open 1 p.m. Sports commencing at 2.30 p.m.
Admission 6d and 3d
See windows of King's Theatre buildings for magnificent display of prizes.

Public Notice

Lawside Works, Patterson Street.
To Mill and Factory Workers
Intimation is hereby given to our employees and others concerned, that work will not be resumed here on Monday but on Tuesday morning, the 2d of Aug at 10 o'clock.
30th July 1910.

Downfield News

The Mains and Strathmartine School Board have accepted the offer of Mr T.C.Keay for the electric lighting of Downfield School.