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January 1953

You Serve Yourself in this Shop

Dundee's only self-service store, at 21 Bank Street, Lochee, has celebrated its first anniversary.

The shop belongs to Aberdeen firm, Stewart Macrae Ltd., and is managed by Mr James Bruce.

Commenting on the first year's working, Mr Bruce said, "we have found that the self-service system has caught on with younger customers". Read more......

April 1939

Why Bridge Was a “Beacon”

A thin bright line of lights would have given “enemy” aircraft a tell-tale warning during Dundee’s big black-out on Monday night.

For the Tay Bridge, important Tayside landmark, continued to twinkle it’s message – “Here’s Dundee!” – In no uncertain fashion.

The reason why the lights of the bridge remained lit?
Just this….The 42 lights guiding the up river shipping through the navigation channel could be extinguished in five minutes. But it would take many hours, perhaps days, to relight them!

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March 1939

Modernising Grove Academy

The acquisition of Seafield and ground by Dundee Education Committee will enable improved facilities and additional accommodation for Grove Academy.

Seafield was formerly a private school. It is proposed to provide a modern outfit for all the practical subject, including science laboratories, rooms for woodwork, and technical drawing, cookery, laundry and needlework and for art and craft work. Provision is also made for a gymnasium.

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February 1939

Deep Shelters to be Part of Safety Plans
By a special correspondent

“Dundee is far behind in A.R.P.”
This is a criticism prevalent in the city, and this week I made inquiries to find out something of the extent of the complaints and the existing position.

One conclusion I arrived at is “There is a move on” The blackout arranged for Monday, 27th March is indication of the progress.

Deep shelters have this week come under discussion as essential measures for safety.

First let us take the complaints. Folk tell you nothing is being done in Dundee – no mask fitting up our way – we hear that (say) Glasgow or Perth are far ahead of Dundee.

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January 1939

First Footers Went Taxi Mad

Dundee experienced its first cheap rate taxis Hogmanay! The taxi-drivers are still trying to get their breath back.

All records were broken in a night and day rush which lasted for nearly four days, when every available vehicle in the city was called into service.

Hundreds of phone calls poured into the various taxi hirers, and for hours at a time the telephone bells went incessantly.

The hours before and after midnight on Hogmanay were the peak period. Dundee’s taxi fleet of about 120 vehicles found it impossible to cope with the rush and at one point it would have required over 500 cars to have served the needs of all those wanting taxis.

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December 1938

Make “Post Extra Early” Your Slogan
“Post early for Christmas”

Doesn’t seem like a year since we heard these words before, yet already brighter posters, busier officials and more harassed “posties” at Dundee Central Post Office are warning us that a bumper Christmas rush is on.

Santa Claus may bring you all sorts of things. He only brings the G.P.O. lots of extra work.

That’s why they ask you to “Post Early” and make Christmas a little merrier for them amid the hustle and bustle of heavier mail.

Christmas Day has set a little problem this year, falling as it does on a Sunday.

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November 1938

Railway Men Go Back To School

At least one organisation is not dependent on a crisis to speed up A.R.P. work. Training, started in earnest many months ago among railway employees, is still going ahead at full pressure.

Dundee has certainly played its part in the intensive training coursed devised by the railway authorities to get as many men as possible prepared in the shortest time.

Already over a thousand workers, drawn from all sections of the railway in Dundee and district, have attended a four-day course in gas warfare training.

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October 1938

Pact with Germany

Contribution to World Peace
An important agreement in regard to British – German relations was signed by Mr Chamberlain and Herr Hitler yesterday.

The official announcement was as follows:-
“We, the German Fuhrer and Chancellor and the British Prime Minister have had a further meeting to-day and are agreed in recognising that the question of Anglo-German relations is of the first importance for the two countries and for Europe.

We regard the agreement signed last might and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.

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September 1938

Dundee City Clubs and Keep-Fit Grants Farce

Dundee clubs have received a rude shock in connection with the Giving of grants under the Government “fitness” campaign.

Interest in the scheme was aroused in the “People’s Journal” a fortnight ago. Inquiries from various sources have been made at the Dundee centre, where Mr H.N. Wilson is in charge of the “drive”.

So many snags have been encountered, however, that as far as the majority of local organisations are concerned the scheme might as well not exist.

Conditions governing the giving of grants make it impossible for clubs to take advantage of them. Hundreds of individuals, too, who are interested in the scheme, have discovered that they are not eligible. They are not members of any athletic or recreational club, and grants are not available to other than existing organisations.

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August 1938

Overgate Demolitions “Finds”

Demolition work in the Overgate, Dundee, has brought to light several interesting features of the city as it used to be.

Most unusual of these is a 12-foot well discovered below a shop, which has stood there for over 100 years. While demolishing the property the workmen came of the well, which was about four feet in diameter. On investigation they discovered that it had been partly filled in some time and contained no water. They immediately filled in the remaining 12 feet and no trace can now be seen of the well.

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