October 1909

The Dundee "Striking" Suffragettes

MeetingThe five suffragettes who were sent to prison on Wednesday in connection with the Churchill meeting disturbance are still "doing time". So far they have resisted the temptation to take the food that is regularly provided for them, and are bearing their self-imposed "hunger-strike" with great stoicism. They have now been three days in prison, and, as the previous company who starved themselves were released on the fourth day, there is some expectation that, unless the authorities resort to forcible feeding, the "martyrs" will be discharged tonight or tomorrow. The prison doctor is giving them every attention, and no doubt the usual system of keeping the Home Office advised of the exact state of affairs is at present being followed. It is understood, however, that no indication has as yet been given as to the course the Secretary of Scotland intends to take.

Christmas in Switzerland

The large and increasing numbers of persons who now visit Switzerland during the winter months fully recognise the favourite and beautiful valley of Engelberg as a most suitable centre for exhilarating winter sports. Messrs MacKay Bros and Co. have arranged for a special party to leave Dundee on Thursday, December 23rd, which will be personally accompanied by Mr Johnston M.A.
Programmes and full particulars may be had free from MacKay Bros and Co., 4 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee.

Eventful Few Days for Churchill in Dundee

The Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill spent an eventful few days in his constituency this week. He addressed no fewer than four political meetings; met a large deputation of Women Suffragettes; and went through the ceremony of being installed a member of the Bakers' Incorporation. Despite his meeting with the members of the "Votes for Women" party, his other meetings were made the occasions of violent demonstrations on the part of the Suffragettes, five of whom, along with two male associates, were arrested.

Jumble Sale

Will be held in
Ward Chapel Mission
Brown Street
On Saturday, 30th Oct., 2 p.m.
Admission 2d.


Weavers wanted for plain and damask looms. Apply James Normand and Sons Ltd., Dysart, Fife.

The Problem Solved at the White House

Universal Public Opinion:
The White House is the best warehouse to buy strong, reliable furniture and furnishings.
Where can you get a reliable complete bedroom suite for £4 10s
Or a complete well-made parlour ordinary room suite complete for £5 5s?
Only at the White House
The providers of the best values, at the cheapest prices.
Come now.
J Robertson's and Co's, 2 to 8 Tally Street, Dundee.

Improvement in Jute Trade

Ex-Lord Provost Longair, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, presided at the quarterly meeting on Thursday and referred to the improvement in trade, and the prospects, so far as the city is concerned, in connection with jute and flax. They were all gratified, he said, to find that there were very visible signs of a moderate improvement in the trade of the country.

The official Government returns showed that up to the end of August there was substantial increase in imports and exports, and the trade of Dundee and district being so intimately connected with that of the whole country they were commonly partakers without much delay when an improvement set in. He was glad to say that having passed through a long and trying period of depression there were signs of improvements in the city. It set in after the holiday week in the end of July. Jute at that time reached the very low price - almost the low-water mark of £13 per ton. During the intervening weeks it went up to about £16, but there had been a slight set off within the last ten days, and it had fallen to about £15, which was £1 per ton below the average of the last ten years. It was gratifying that the improvement had enabled the mills and factories of the city to be put on full time working, and he hoped nothing would occur to arrest it.

Grand Charity Concert

In aid of Nursing Mothers' Restaurant
(Western District)
In Kinnaird Hall, Dundee
On Friday 15th October 1909, at 7.30 p.m.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Carriages at 10 o'clock
Tickets - 2s, 1s and 6d - may be had at Murdoch and Paterson, Commercial Street and the Musicsellers.

Her Majesty's Theatre

Managing Director, Mr Robert Arthur
Holiday Attraction
Mon Oct, 4th for 6 nights and Sat. Matinee
Miss Marie Studholme in
"Miss Hook of Holland"
Box Office (Messrs Paterson's) 10 to 3; at stage door, Saturday 3 to 9; Monday 10 to 3. Tel.No. 10.