January 1910

Christmas Tree Entertainment

The annual Christmas tree entertainment to the scholars attending Mains and Strathmartine U.F. Church Sunday school took place last night in the church hall. There was a good attendance, presided over by the Rev. John Douglas, M.A. After tea there was a programme of songs and recitals and gramophone selections by Mr Sidney Gordon was carried through. Thereafter the Christmas tree was dismantled to the joy of the young people.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Kinnaird Hall
Tuesday, 1st, February, at 8 p.m.
Sir Ernest Shackleton
"Nearest the South Pole"
Only a few 5s tickets remain. 2s 6d ticket sold out.
Doors at 7p.m.

Stuck in the Ice

Striking evidence of the intensity of the cold in Dundee this week - the submarine C21, had to break its way through the ice in order to change position in King William Dock on Wednesday.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome, Dundee

7. Twice Nightly. 9.
Monday, Jan, 31st, and during the week.
Mr and Mrs Edward H. Lucas,
In their Original Scenes from Dickens,
With all special scenery, costumes, furniture and effects.
As played before Royalty, January, 8th, 1910,
Supported by a Powerful Variety Performance.

Drake's Daylight Comet

This comet, reported in yesterday's "Dundee Advertiser" as having been seen at Oxford on Thursday, was easily visible as a naked eye object from Dundee and Broughty Ferry yesterday afternoon, so early as five o'clock.

It is a magnificent object - finer than anything we have had for years. It is situated low down in the south-west, and, if the afternoons are fine, it should quite easily be found shortly after sundown and or course, as it becomes darker no one can have any difficulty seeing it.

The tail stretches upwards away from the sun and is already 3 to 4 degrees in length. The nucleus or head is a very marked feature of this unannounced visitant, and appears to be larger and brighter than Mars, only it is of a whitish colour. The tail has the appearance of dividing into two portions, which, however, may result from a thinning out of the middle. This comet must not be confounded with Halley's Comet, which at present is moving in the neighbourhood or Mars and Saturn, and which can only be seen as yet in telescopes of considerable magnifying power.

The children attending Muirhead of Liff School, under the direction of the headmaster, enjoyed the pleasure of viewing the comet under favourable conditions.

Cheese Omelet

Whisk three eggs well (if yolks and whites are beaten separately the omelet is lighter), add three tablespoons of grated cheese, salt and pepper. Pour into an omelet pan into which 1oz butter has been melted and skimmed. Stir until the omelet begins to set, fold one half over the other crescent wise, allow to brown slightly on both sides, and serve immediately.

Dundee Parliamentary Election

Mr Edwin Scrymgeour - Will address the Electors in Bonnethill Church Hall, Hilltown, Tuesday, 11th, Inst., 8pm. St. John's Hall, Albert Street, Friday 14th Inst., 8pm. Open air meetings to be announced later.


Milliner, thoroughly experienced, wanted to take charge of table. Apply G.L. Wilson "The Corner", Dundee.