April 1910

The Trackless Trolley

There is every prospect of the proposal to adopt the trackless trolley tramway system in Dundee being revived again. The question was specifically referred to in the course of a lecture given by Mr Fisher, the Tramway Manager, in Coldside Library on Wednesday.

Bailie Johnston presided over a large attendance. In the course of a very interesting illustrated lecture Mr Fisher dwelt at length on the trackless system, and showed what was done on the continent. Bailie Johnston also spoke on the subject, and expressed the hope that the scheme would be taken up again. The widening of Loons Road gave an opportunity for connecting the Maryfield terminus with the Lochee terminus. He complimented Mr Fisher on the successful working of the city tramways. In regard to the proposed reduction of fares, he would be in favour of a penny all the way so long as the halfpenny stages were not interfered with. However, it might be possible to reduce the maximum fare from 2d to 1½ d.

New Steamer for Port

The large Glasgow steamer Trieste has been acquired by Messrs James Mitchell and Sons, Dundee and has been registered at the port of Dundee under the name of the Trieste Shipping Co., Ltd. The steamer of 974 tons net register, and 1512 tons gross, while she has a carrying capacity of about 2160 tons dead weight. She will be engaged in the Mediterranean trade. Captain MacKay of Broughty Ferry will be in command of the Trieste, which left Grangemouth for the Tyne last night. The whole tendency of Dundee's shipping industry, as indicated by the tonnage registered at the port, has been in the direction of diminution of late, and it will be gratifying to those interested in the welfare of the port to see a start being made in the direction of increasing it.

Preparing for Election

Dundee Unionists have formally and unanimously agreed to again invite Mr J. Seymour Lloyd, barrister-at-law, London to be one of their candidates for the representation of Dundee at the next general election.

The General Council of the Association, recently formed by the amalgamation of the Liberal Unionist and Conservative organisations, met yesterday in the Lamb's Hotel and discussed the question regarding the issuing of an invitation to Mr Lloyd, who during the short time he was in Dundee, at the last general election gave great satisfaction to the party as a candidate and proved personally very popular. As regards a second candidate no finding was come to, and it was agreed to await developments before any other steps should be taken. It is fully expected that Mr Lloyd will accept the invitation, and visit Dundee at an early date.

Short Time Started

Prior to the spring holiday it was indicated that unless matters in the spinning section of the jute trade showed signs of improvement there would probably be a resort to short time by a number of the spinners. One mill closed down at the holiday and it is now learned that in the case of another short time will be adopted by the lopping off of Saturdays and Mondays from the working week. It is alleged that the over-production is the cause of low prices and dull trade in the spinning department and it is hoped that by a reduction of the output matters will by and by improve.

Dundee's Unemployed

There is a decrease in the number of names of the unemployment register of Dundee Distress Committee, and the work at which the men can be employed is gradually dwindling. At a meeting of the investigation committee on Monday night it was reported that the number of names on the register at the end of March was 645, as compared with 662 at the end of the previous month. There were 125 work cards issued of which 110 were accepted. The Loons Road job however, is finished, and yesterday there were only 30 men on relief work at Kinghorne Road. It was decided to back up the efforts of the Edinburgh Committee by requesting that in the census return to be made next year particulars should be asked as to whether the individual was employed or unemployed, and how long employment has been obtained during the previous twelve months. On the motion of the Chairman - exx-Bailie Martin - it was further agreed that those in charge of arrangements for the census should be asked, before employing persons to undertake the work, to apply to Distress Committee for lists of unemployed persons capable of discharging the duties.

Grand Historical Operetta

Bonnie Prince Charlie,
By the City of Dundee Co-operative
Society's Junior Choir
Gilfillan Hall,
Saturday 9th April
Admission - Balcony: Adults 9d; Juveniles, 6d.
Gallery: Adults 6d; Juveniles, 3d.

Early Spring Show
New China
Early Spring Show
Of Novelties and Specialities
In the windows and showrooms
We now hold the most up-to-date stock in town of high grade wares, which we offer at popular prices.
McBurney, Whitehall Crescent, Dundee.


Paper Bag Maker -wanted, young girl to learn. Apply Alexander Thomson Ltd., King Street, Dundee.

St Mary's Magdalene's Church

Grand Cake and Candy Sale
In the Schoolroom, Blinshall Street
Today (Saturday)
To be opened at 2 p.m. by the Most Very Rev.
Music, hoopla, sketches.
Admission by ticket.