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January 1980

Reduced Demand at Dundee Factory

City ChurchesDundee Fabrics, who manufacture fashion and leisure garments at their Kilspindie Road factory, have reduced operations to one week in two because of reduced demand. They employ over 200 workers. Read more......

December 1979

A Morgan Calendar

MurraygateThe pupils of Morgan Academy, Dundee, have brought out their very own 1980 calendar.

Consisting of 12 of the pupils' drawings of city scenes, the calendar has been completely produced within the school. Read more......

November 1979

Increase in Bus Fares

City SquareDearer city bus fares are in prospect for Dundonians as the regional council is applying to the Traffic Commissioners for another increase. The region wants lower fares up 1 pence and higher ones up 2 pence. Read more......

October 1979

Tall Chimney is Losing Height

OvergateA 220 ft high chimney, which has stood as part of the Dundee skyline for almost a century, is slowly being lowered in a tricky operation.

The chimney, part of Caldrum Works, St Salvador Street, had become dangerous over the past few years and was starting to crumble. Read more......

September 1979

Rail to Road Bridge Swim

Blackness LibraryThe annual Tay Rail Bridge to Road Bridge swim was won by Billy McGoldrick (17) in 21 minutes 6 seconds. Bruce Benning was second and Bruce Beckett third. First lady was Mary Yeats, second was Barbara Yeats and third Beverley Manson. Read more......

August 1979

By Gum, What a Size

City SquareThe finals of the playtime competitions run by Dundee District Council in the parks throughout the summer attracted a large crowd of children to the Caird Hall. They'd come along to support the boys and girls who'd been successful in the heats and there was much cheering when the different parks were announced. Read more......

July 1979

£250,000 Damage

ShopsFire caused £250,000 damage to the Stewart's Cream of the Barley whisky complex in Kingsway East on Wednesday afternoon. Seventy fireman from ten units confined the outbreak to a duty-paid warehouse containing 2,000 gallons of whisky. Read more......

June 1979

Mone Guilty of Triple Murder

OvergateAt the High Court in Dundee on Monday, Robert Christopher Mone, was found guilty of murdering three women and sentenced to life imprisonment by Lord Robertson.

The Judge recommended he should serve a minimum period of 15 years. Read more......

May 1979

Much-needed Boost

MurraygateThe opening of the new Steps Film Theatre has given the city's somewhat sparse cultural assets a much-needed boost and has already shown itself to be more than welcomed by Dundee people.

On the first night it was packed to the brim, with many people turned away. Read more......

April 1979

Handy Advice

City SquareDrivers should know that failure to stop after an accident can lead to a fine of up to £100, endorsement of the driving licence and possible disqualification. This doesn't only apply to accidents involving other persons. It includes damage to any vehicle and certain animals. Among them, horses, sheep and dogs, and any property forming part of the land in which the road is situated. Read more......