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May 1934

Tackling Dundee Moral Menace

Drill HallThe publicity given in Dundee to the state of affairs existing at the Law has not been in vain. The matter is down for consideration at the meeting of the Parks Committee of Dundee Town Council on Monday night, when a motion is to be made by Convener John Adamson that the Parks Department should appoint a male ranger for the purpose of supervision. No provision has been made for this in the estimates for the ensuing year, and it will mean an additional expenditure by the department of at least £130. Read more......

April 1934

Tour to France and Belgium During Holiday Week

Reform StreetDundee folk who desire to take part in the tour to France and Belgium, promoted by the women's section of the British Legion of Scotland, are in a fortunate position. The tour is to take place during the Dundee holiday week - from Saturday, 21st July to Friday, 27th July.

The visit to France and Belgium has again been organised in view of the number of enquiries from people who had been on previous tours. As on previous occasions, opportunity will be afforded to visit the graves of relatives. Read more......

March 1934

Broughty Castle Flag Lowered - War Office's Decision

Albert InstituteThe War Department's surprise decision that Broughty Castle is no longer to be a flag station of the Scottish Command is not to remain unchallenged. Miss Florence Horsburgh M.P for Dundee, is to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office on Monday, whether he will not reconsider the decision, bearing in mind that the privilege of flying the Union Jack on the castle has been enjoyed for nearly 100 years. Read more......

February 1934

Tay Road Bridge at Dundee

Windsor StreetDundee Town Council are to urge upon the Government to proceed with the erection of a road bridge over the Tay at Dundee. This was the unanimous decision at a meeting of the Council on Tuesday. Read more......

January 1934

Dundee Cinema's Crowded Out

Majestic CinemaDundee cinema's and theatre's did a "roaring trade" during the first few day of the New Year. Tuesday in particular was an exceptionally busy day, long queues waiting outside the bigger picture houses. It is estimated that about 50,000 Dundonian "did a show".

Managers and attendants were dept working at top pressure in an endeavour to make room for everyone. Read more......

December 1933

Dundee's Warm Welcome to King's Son by Our Special Commissioner

Union Street"I like your city, and I am going away with very pleasant thoughts of it," said Prince George at the close of his visit to Dundee on Thursday.

If the people of this city could have given a united expression to their feelings, I am sure their reply would have been as simple and sincere as - "And we like you" Nor would it have been said in the formal manner of just returning the compliment. The Prince came primarily to open Dundee's new civic centre, but he was not content with the merely ceremonial. He evinced a desire to meet the people of the city in the wider sphere of their activities, and he saw as much of those as it is possible for any man in the space of one day. Read more......

November 1933

Balgay Hill Observatory – Finishing Touches

DownfieldThe Mills Observatory on Balgay Hill is now practically completed and it is expected that the public will be admitted before the end of the year. The finishing touches are being carried out on the building itself and next week work will be commenced on the laying out of the ground in the immediate vicinity of the Observatory. Read more......

October 1933

City Square to Open to Public

FairAfter peeping through the chinks in the barricades for many moons the public have at last been admitted to Dundee's City Square. The middle area nest to the High Street and the carriageway in front of the west wing are cut off for public use, but elsewhere Dundee citizens could enjoy their first walk across the square. And many availed themselves of the opportunity when the barricades were removed on Tuesday. Read more......

September 1933

Sir Harry Lauders Dundee Visit

River TayThe visit of Sir Harry Lauder to the Victoria Theatre next week is the outstanding event of the variety season in Dundee.

His host of admirers in the city will be supplemented by many from the surrounding district, and booking is already proceeding very steadily. Read more......

August 1933

Heat Wave Returns

Ward RoadWith characteristic suddenness the heat wave returned on Thursday. By late afternoon the temperature in Dundee had again shot above the 80 mark and almost without realising it, Dundee people were back within a few degrees of the record heat of last month. Read more......