March 1910

Broughty Bowlers - Turfing the new Green

The work in connection with the making of a bowling green in the Orchar Park has so far progressed that the Council has now tackled the question of the turf - the kind, and who will lay it. The preliminary work was given to the unemployed. Several members of the Council are anxious that local turf should be used and local labour employed, Mr Anderson Jr., who initiated the scheme, especially pressing for that end. The Councillor asserted that local turf could be for £80 or less. He deprecated asking for expert advice. They had started out to make a simple green, but now were to lay it with palatial turf. Ex-Bailie Crystal said Councillors seemed to be taking it for granted that an expert would condemn local turf. If they laid down indifferent turf they would never be out of trouble. The Council must support Mr Roddan right through the matter, which was ultimately remitted with powers to a small Committee.

Tay Pleasure Sailings

There is a probability that the fleet of pleasure steamers on the Tay may be augmented by the addition of a new vessel. Already four steamers are engaged in the traffic, and on board all of these preparations are now proceeding for the commencement of the season. Which opens on the spring holiday. There is talk at the docks to the effect that it is in contemplation to run a fifth vessel during the months of May, June and July.

Dog and Cat Show

Kinnaird Hall
6th and 7th April 1910
Entries close 29th March.
An auction sale of dogs will take place on first day at 7pm.
Full particulars, Hon Sect., 31 Reform Street, Dundee.

St Patrick's Day Celebrations in Dundee

With all the enthusiasm common on such occasions, the Irishmen of Dundee celebrated St. Patrick's Day by a gathering in the Kinnaird Hall on Thursday. A local band, under Mr Doig, Lochee, paraded the streets and prior to the opening of proceedings discoursed music.

The Right Rev. Angus MacFarlane, Bishop of Dunkeld, presided and was supported by Provost Holder.

Bannatyne Home of Rest

(Miss How, Matron)
Terms of admission are as follows:-
7s per week, including return rail fares
Friday afternoon till Monday night 3s 6d
Friday afternoon till Monday morning 2s 6d
Saturday afternoon till Monday night 2s 6d
Saturday afternoon till Monday morning 1s 6d
Weekend visitor pay their own rail fares, which are 1s each.
Admission orders granted on Wednesday and Thursday evenings
By James Combe, 2 Laurelbank.

Travelling Abroad?

Authorised agents for principal lines of Steamers to all places abroad. Tickets issued, luggage dispatched and all information given. Drafts issued on Chief Towns in United States and Canada.
Jas. A. Anderson, 29 Panmure Street, Dundee

No Underground Wires for Dundee

The fresh effort on the part of Dundee to secure underground telegraphs has not met with much success. The city has suffered by the breakdown of the overhead wires time and again, and has waited with impatience while the underground cable slowly travelled northwards. The official intention evidently is that the northward movement is to be stopped meantime.

The matter raised by parliament on Tuesday by Mr Alexander Wilkie, M.P., who asked the Postmaster-General if he would implement his departments promise of a year of two ago, and now, without delay, have these lines placed underground.

Mr Herbert Samuel in reply, said he very much regretted that, in view of the very heavy cost of laying underground cables, and the many claims that had to be considered, he saw no present prospect of laying lines to Dundee and the North-East of Scotland.

Glasgow Scones

1 lb. Flour, 4oz butter, 2oz sultanas, 4oz sugar, 1 teaspoonful soda, 2 teaspoonfuls cream of tartar, ½ teaspoonful salt, about two teacupfuls of milk.

Rub butter into flour, add dry ingredients and mix to a soft dough with the milk. Turn onto a floured board and cut into three pieces. Shape each piece into a round scone, do not roll it have it thick. Brush over with milk or egg and bake in a hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

By kind permission of the United County Theatres, Ltd., and Charles Manners, Esq. Sunday evening, 13th March at 6.30pm
By members of the
Moody-Manners Opera Co.
Admission 3d, 6d, 1s and 1s 6d.
Booking now at Kings Theatre daily, 11 to 4.

Downfield and its Park

Should Downfield have a public park? It has something of that kind at present, but the question has been raised as to whether the Town Council should take it over. The Council assisted the committee of gentlemen who had been running the park by making up the loss, but an effort is being made to put the matter on a more permanent basis.

Bailie Johnston moved at a meeting of the Parks Committee on Tuesday that a Sub-Committee be appointed to inquire as to the purchase of the park, or any other ground that might thought be more suitable. Bailie MacDonald did not see the necessity for going into this matter at all? He was prepared to support the present arrangement but he was against purchase. The Fairmuir was near Downfield, and he thought the facilities there were quite sufficient. A sub-committee as appointed is to report on the question of Downfield Park.