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July 1928

Fell from Top of Cliff

WellgateA remarkable escape by a 10 year old boy Jas. Jackson, son of William Jackson, masterslater, Westfield Road, West Ferry, who fell down a grassy slope at the side of the cliffs at Auchmithie on to the beach.

Jackson and his family on the course of a holiday visit to Arbroath district, had been picnicking near Auchmithie and after tea the boy left to explore the village. Read more......

June 1928

Hit on the Head with a Bottle

John Easson and James Breslin, two schoolboy cousins, living at the same address in Lochee were amusing themselves throwing stones onto a rubbish dump at the side of South Road.

The appearance of a rat aroused the latent spirit of the hunter in Easson's breast. He picked up a broken bottle instead of the missile he had formerly being using and threw it at the rat. The missile flew wide of the intended mark and hit his chum on the back of the head. Breslin had to be taken to DRI to get a stitch inserted in the wound. Read more......

May 1928

A Comedy

An unusual comedy was unintentionally staged in the north end of the city. Two drovers filled the principal roles in the affair, and the minor parts were filled by two obstreperous cows. The animals were being driven along Strathmartine Road, and were evidently on their way to the slaughterhouse. One drover walked calmly in front, and much of the work of chasing the rather mutinous animals rested with the man in the rear. Read more......

April 1928

Young Boy's Fate on Way to School

Dundee Family Twice Bereaved by Street Accidents
Within the space of a few months two members of a Dundee family have fallen victim to the ever-increasing street traffic.

On Thursday afternoon George Cairns, an eight year old schoolboy, who resided with his parents at 29 Union Street, was fatally injured in a motor car accident in South Tay Street. This followed upon the death of Mrs McBain, 121 Cowgate, which occurred on December 22nd. Read more......

March 1928

Street Cleansing Demo - Councillors Impressed

A demo of the two up-to-date motor vehicles for city cleansing purposes was given in Shore Terrace on Thursday. One vehicle is a combined road sweeper and collector. The other is a vacuum gully cleaner.

In the demo of the former a quantity of refuse was scattered thickly over the roadway, and the vehicle, sprinkling water in front of it, brushed the way perfectly clean. The refuse had been whisked up inside the sweeper. Read more......

February 1928

More Telephone Kiosks

Slowly but surely the telephone kiosk equipment in the city is being improved and brought up to date. Hardly a month passes but the Post Office authorities are making application for permission to erect a new kiosk somewhere or other, and in the course of time all districts will be fully supplied. It is possible to put through trunk calls from kiosks these days - provided you have the exact change - and it is observed that another improvement, the installation of electric lights in the kiosks, is spreading over the suburbs. Read more......

January 1928

City's Welcome to 1928 - Enormous Crowd Gather on High Street

Dundee ushered in the New Year in boisterious fashion, and the crowd which congregated on the High Street was the biggest seen for several years. High Street was thronged by the mass of merrymakers, who also filled Reform Street for a considerable part. In the main the crowd was composed of the younger generation, keeping alive the traditions of New Year's eve in Scotland, and they disported themselves in lively style.

They found amusement in purchasing the "lucky first-fits" in the shape of decorated red herring or in whirling fireworks through the air - a thrilling but sometimes dangerous practice. Read more......

November 1918

The City Jubilant
Victory Celebrations Suspend Work

Dundee was far ahead of London in learning that the armistice had been signed at five o’clock on Monday morning. Before the workers left the mills and factories at breakfast time the joyful tidings had been signalled, and were radiating throughout the city. At once women left the spinning frames and the looms, workmen downed tools, and there was a general trek to the centre of the city.

 Read more......

May 1918

Local Lads Win War Medals

Two Dundee men have won the D.C.M. for gallantry. They Are:-

202746  Pte. R. Barber, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Dundee).
During an engagement as a runner he continually carried messages to and from the firing line under heavy machine gun and shell fire. Though he was twice wounded, he continued at his duties without any thought for his own safety, and thus ensured communication being maintained during a critical period.

202321  Pte. A. Blair, Royal Scottish Fusiliers (Dundee).
During the attack, on the lines being cut, he went out and repaired them under an intense shell fire. On two later occasions he went out and repaired them in several places. His courageous conduct and indifference to danger were deserving of the highest praise. Read more......

February 1918

Help To End the War

What You Should Do During Tank Week
A wave of enthusiasm is creeping over Dundee. Julian the Tank will be in the city on Monday, and his visit is awaited with the keenest interest.

With his arrival comes a duty which every one of us must discharge. It is a duty to our country and to every mother’s son serving in the forces. Each and all must have a financial stocktaking. When you have accumulated all your available cash, wend your way towards Albert Square and invest the money in the Tank. Read more......