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May 1961

Super Canteen

Canteen users on the Industrial Estate should have better facilities soon. The new canteen building beside N.C.R. Block 4 should be ready in about 1 month.

It has a light and bright cafeteria seating 420, a restaurant for 160, and a management room seating 30, which will be used mainly by senior executive. Read more......

April 1961

Red Cross Week

Wellgate StepsNext week is Red Cross Week and the Dundee branch will be contributing to the national effort. The rooms at 31 Reform Street will be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday midday, between the hours of 11 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. and at night from 6.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. The object is to show the public how to deal with emergencies, and what the normal procedure of the Red Cross is. Read more......

March 1961

What a Racket the Leather Bag Kicked Up

Arbroath RoadWhat sounded like a strident motor horn started blowing inside a factory at Dundee industrial estate. And it went on for 15 minutes. Some worker thought it was a civil defence alarm. Others wondered if it was a new signal for knocking-off. But the racket came from a leather bag. It's the latest in containers designed to foil the bank-money thief. The bag contains an inside metal box. It's equipped with battery and klaxon alarm. There are three special locks and a strong leather wrist-band. Read more......

February 1961

No Coal Crisis

Crescent StreetThe domestic coal situation in Dundee should give now cause for alarm.

Chairman of Dundee and District Retail Coal Merchants' Association, Mr David Younger, said
on Tuesday night, "The supplies of coal in the last fortnight have been much better. In spite of the long winter the stock position is not giving any cause for anxiety" Read more......

January 1961

Threat to Today's Tay Ferries Service

High StreetLate last night a large question mark hung over today's Tay Ferry Services. The Scotscraig, the only diesel ferry in service, developed propeller trouble and there was a possibility that the paddler B.L. Nairn would have to run an hourly service. Read more......

December 1960

More Tram Tracks to be Lifted

TramsAt the Works Committee a further contract, amounting to £110,094, was awarded to William Briggs and Sons, Ltd, for the lifting of a further two miles of tram track. Read more......

November 1960

Mass Grave Found in Nethergate

Caldrum StreetThe remains of hundreds of bodies - believed to have been victims of the Siege of Dundee in 1651- have been disinterred in Nethergate.

The skeletons, mostly in separate skulls and bones were about three feet down in the trench evacuated along the frontage of the City Churches. The trench is to hold a new water main necessary under the central redevelopment scheme. Read more......

October 1960

Honours for Dundee Lads?

City SquareBobby Cox is odds on for left-back, if he is fit. Let's hope he will be. Ronnie Yeats and Ian Ure first and second favourite for centre-half. Alan Gilzean has a good chance of making at least the reserve team as an inside-left. Read more......

September 1960

A Law Walk in Fancy Dress

High StreetA walking race to the top of the Law has been fixed for Saturday, October 22. Competitors will wear fancy dress, and the race will start and finish at Dundee Repertory Theatre. Read more......

August 1960

We're Going to Be Counted

Bank StreetNext April there will be a general census all over the country, and already plans are being made for it in Dundee.

The registrars will be responsible for the arrangements and they can't simply pull out the file for 1951 and work from that. Read more......