May 1910

Old Project Revived

There is the likelihood that before very long St Mary's Tower, better known to Dundonians as the Old Steeple, will be surmounted by a handsome crown, after the style of the crown on the tower of St Giles, Edinburgh. It may be remembered that some years ago the notion of having an open crown on the top of the Old Steeple was discussed in these columns, but at that time the project was allowed to drop. The idea has again been taken up, however, and, should the scheme that is being discussed come to fruition, the tower that has for so many centuries been the most beautiful landmark in these parts will soon be transformed.

New Fifie's Life-saving Devices

Newportonians who make use of the Tay Ferry steamers need not quail at the thought of such a contingency arising as the sinking in mid-stream of the new steamer Newport. Should this altogether improbable disaster occur all they would require to do would be to jump overboard, and carry with them their deck seats, which would keep them afloat until help came.

Underneath each of the seats on the new "Fifies" deck are lashed eight curious little copper cylinders, the use of which is not at first apparent to the casual observer. This is the ingenious device invented by Finkey, to take the place of the life belt on river steamers, and consists simply of a number of copper air and watertight cylinders. When attached to the bottom of the seats these give the latter sufficient buoyancy to float eight persons in the water. A test of the efficiency of this life-saving apparatus carried out in Camperdown Dock aroused considerable interest. One of the seats, with eight cylinders attached, was dropped into the water, and a number of 56lbs weight places upon it, but these did not appear to have the slightest effect upon the buoyancy of the seat.

These are not the only improvements, which the Newport will show over the old steamers. In place of the old hand-steering gear at each end of the Dundee and Fifeshire, the new ferryboat will have steam steering gear fitted. Then the twin working engines, by means of which the two paddles can be controlled separately, will be an improvement over the engines in the present vessels, which must work both paddles at the same time. Steam gear is also being installed for the purpose of lifting and lowering the swing doors, by means of which vehicles are taken on board, while in minor matters, such as having iron instead of wooden bulwarks, and the provision of a cabin reserved for ladies, the Newport will be far ahead of her older sister.

The new steamer is expected to be ready to undertake the ferry passage in the beginning of the next month.

Halley's Comet

A Dundee gentleman reports that he saw Halley's Comet from the Law on Tuesday morning. He caught sight of the strange visitor at 3.40, and it remained visible till 4.10. It appeared just above the horizon to the southeast, and looked like a blurred star. The comet was moving rapidly southward, and disappeared behind a cloud. It was quite visible to the naked eye.


Apprentice Tinsmith wanted. One some time at trade preferred. Apply Carr, Cotton Rd. Apprentice sugar boiler wanted. Apply 33, Watson's Lane, Hawkhill. Bottle Box and Case Makers - A few good hands wanted. Apply Langlands & McAinsh, Seagate.

Hat Sale

A great hat sale at the Albion House, Nethergate, Dundee.
Over 1000 ladies' hats, 11½d to 21s many less than half price.

A Great Saturday Night

N.P.R.S Gymnastic Contest
London withdraws
Kinnaird Hall
Mr Wm. MacKenzie will preside.

Dundee Savings Bank

On Friday, 20th May,
Being the day of the funeral of
King Edward,
The head office and branches
In compliance with royal command,
Will be closed.

Kings Theatre, Dundee

Next Week
Twice nightly
Mark Sheridan
The Famous Comedian
Although engaged at enormous expense, along with high class Vaudeville Company Prices of admission will be as usual
Booking at Theatre daily, 11 to 4. Tele 1930.