November 1909

Cleaning the Steeple Church

SteepleThe question of painting the interior of the Steeple Church was discussed at a meeting of the Works Committee of the Town Council on Tuesday. A sub committee, without deciding as to whether the work should be done, decided that tenders should be asked. Mr Girrity remarked that they were bound to keep the churches wind and water-tight. It occurred to him that the congregation should do something to keep the church clean, and it was evident that since it was last painted nothing had been done by the congregation to keep it clean. The offer by Mr Allan Boath to do the work was accepted, and it was agreed that a report should be submitted before the painter work was started as to introducing the electric light.

Tay Naval Base

Steps have now been taken by the Admiralty to take advantage of the dock rented from the Dundee Harbour Trustees for use as a naval base for submarines. Practically everything has been ready waiting the arrival of the war craft for several weeks, but the Admiralty showed no signs of taking possession. On Sunday, however, the naval tug Robust put in an appearance with a lighter tow the Lighter Grier had on board moorings for the repair ship which is to accompany the submarines. A fortnight ago the Robust left Sheerness for Dundee with a couple of lighters. The weather however was very bad, and when passing Cromer one of the lighters broke adrift and was lost. A deckhand named Shepstone who was aboard drowned, and the Robust, returned to Sheerness. Towards the end of last week she again left with the remaining lighter in tow, and on Sunday safely made the Tay.

The Gaiety

The Gaiety Theatre reopens on Monday next under its new management. The Directors have been very fortunate in securing for the opening attraction Mr.T.B. Woulfe's company, which during the week will present twice nightly the celebrated historical drama "Jane Shore" a play which has not been in Dundee for some years. Mr Woulfe will be supported by a strong company of 16 artists, including the charming young actress Miss Edith Loraine, who will appear in the title role. Mr Woulfe himself takes the part of the Duke of Gloucester.

Mr Woulfe will be remembered by many playgoers for his admirable performance of Marcus Superbus in Mr Wm. Guest's "The Sign of the Cross" company, a part which he sustained with the greatest success for some five years throughout Scotland and England; and it is pretty sure that he will receive a hearty welcome from his many friends in Dundee.

Why Women Will Never Vote

A meeting of unusually large proportions, and representative of all classes, was held in the Blyth Hall in Newport, on Tuesday, when Provost Robertson presided. The Provost said that thought he did not believe they would ever gain votes for women by militant tactics, he had long believed that every woman who paid taxes was entitled to a Parliamentary vote. He thought it a right course to have such a meeting as the present.

Miss Adela Pankhurst, of the W.S.P.U., and Mrs Mansel addressed the meeting.

Mr W.C. Honeyman asked if the ladies were afraid to hear the other side of the question, and on being reassured ascended the platform. He said that there were two reasons why women would never get the vote. One was - women. Women were always hard on women. Moreover, they were always saying their work was never done, and it seemed a pity to add to it. The second reason was men. Men were too selfish, as from their youth they were spoilt by women.

Miss Pankhurst replied that voting need not be done every day, and further said that if women were so good to men as to spoil them nothing need be feared by entrusting them with the vote.

Captain Robertson asked if Miss Pankhurst was aware that the present tactics were alienating the sympathies of all sensible men.

Miss Pankhurst said that men who disapproved of militant methods divested themselves of every claim to their vote, which had been won by such. Several other questions were asked.


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Dundee Select Choir

Nineteenth Season
Gilfillan Hall
Wednesday 17th Nov. 1909, at 8 o'clock.
Balconies 2s; Area 1s; Gallery 6d.
Tickets at Musicsellers' and Harley & Cox, 130, Nethergate.

Dundee's New Unionist Candidate

The Liberal Unionist Association of Dundee have agreed to invite Mr James Glass, of the well-known firm Ormiston and Glass, to contest the constituency in their interest, and as Mr Glass has already indicated his willingness to accept the invitation there is little doubt that he will be the Unionist candidate at the next election.

Christmas Cards

For friends abroad
New Selection
Lundie's Stationary Warehouse,
35 Reform Street, Dundee.