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February 1963

That Was the Thaw That Was!

“If this is the thaw, bring back the freeze-up”.

That was the attitude of suburban Dundonians yesterday as they woke to find one of the heaviest snowfalls of the winter.

True, the thaw was here in the form of wet snow, churned into ankle deep slush by early morning traffic ready for the poor pedestrians. Read more......

January 1963

Inferno on the Wharf

Damage estimated at £400,000 was done when fire engulfed the “Yankee Shed” at King George Wharf yesterday.

The shed housed about 12,000 bales of jute, values at £250,000. It was the biggest jute blaze in Dundee for many years. Read more......

December 1962

Jobs Shock for Lino Workers

The Christmas spirits of many Dundee families are dampened this weekend. The North British Linoleum Co., Ltd., Clepington Road, have been forced to put its workers on short time next week. Read more......

November 1962

Changing Face of Dundee

Yet another building project has been completed by the Dundee firm of Charles Gray (Builders), Ltd. – the Happyhillock Shopping Centre.

In recent years Gray’s have completed a truly remarkable list of contracts. They include:-  Read more......

October 1962

The Big Pull

Dundee’s best-known old lady made her first move in 89 years yesterday afternoon. She is, of course, H.M.S. Unicorn – the oldest ship afloat in the Royal Navy. Read more......

September 1962

The ‘Dee are Here!

The Dundee victory song rang in millions of homes on Wednesday over the Eurovision TV link. Many had never even heard of the team. And they marvelled as Dundee smashed their way to an incredible 8-1 win over West German champs, Cologne. Read more......

August 1962

It’s Derby Day at Dens

Dens ParkThe League Cup is on again today after a break on Wednesday. It’s a do-or-die day for both Dundee and United.

The rivals meet at Dens Park and the loser can forget about the cup for another season. Read more......

July 1962

The End of a Harbour Era?

Dundee DocksThe filling in of the tidal basin to make way for the Tay Road Bridge approaches may spell the end of Dundee’s oldest sand company.

It is the Tay Sand Company, founded in 1837, and now run by Mr Joseph Barlow and his son. When the dock is filled in, Mr Barlow is faced with moving to an alternative site supplied by the Harbour Trust or closing down. Read more......

June 1962

Another Polio Case in Dundee

Another case of polio in Dundee has been confirmed a girl at Mid Craigie. This brings the number of confirmed polio cases in Dundee to 12.

At two o’clock this afternoon the doors of the clinic in Forester Street, were open for polio vaccine. A queue of over 100 people were standing in the sunlight outside waiting patiently for their “sweeties”. Read more......

May 1962

New Borings for Road Bridge

The small steamer Nellie Laud and the sounding launch Tommy, which arrived in the Tay to take another four test borings along the proposed line of the Tay Road Bridge, have completed their assignment. Read more......