March 1913

Aeroplane in Dundee

Dundee’s attractions for the many visitors within her gates on Monday were substantially augmented by the manoeuvring of an aeroplane over the city.

The sky was clear, and there was not a breath of wind as the machine glided towards the town from the east about a quarter of an hour before noon. It was the best view of an aeroplane ever obtained in the district.Although at a fairly high altitude, the shape of the aeroplane could be discerned quite distinctly as could the smoke issuing from the exhaust, leaving a milky trail. As one looked at the flying machine the drone of one engine was faintly audible, but, strange to say, the sound ceased the instant the eye was removed.

The general opinion was that the aeroplane hailed from Montrose, and was being “aviated” by a member of the Royal Flying Corps station there, but inquiries elicited information that it had come from the Naval Base at Rosyth.

Sale Now On

The New Dress Fabrics:
Silk, Wool, Cotton
Of British and Foreign manufacture
Now On Sale
Wm. Hunter & Co’s
11-19 Wellgate, Dundee.

To Improve the Tay Ferries

An important proposal was discussed at a meeting of a Committee of Dundee Harbour Trust on Wednesday with reference to the improvement of the facilities for the conduct of the ferry traffic between Craig Pier and Newport. A proposal was submitted to the effect that the pier should be extended about 100 feet into the river, 40 feet wide, with a roadway for vehicular traffic at 24 feet 6 inches, with a footpath on each side.

By this means it was stated, the steamers could land and leave at all states of the tide, and the extension meant for the times when the tide was at its lowest. The Committee approved of the proposal, and decided to recommend the Board to adopt it, the estimated cost being about £4400.

Cookery Demonstration

Demonstration of simple dinners &c.
Open to all young housekeepers and working women.
On Wednesday afternoons at 3.15 p.m.
Commencing 19th March
Admission 2d.
Y.W.C.A., 33, Tay Street, Dundee.

Dumbiedykes Pudding

Stews some rhubarb with plenty of water and sugar. Put into your pudding dish a layer of bread, then pour on the hot rhubarb, them another layer of bread, then rhubarb, till the dish is full. Now put an ashet on top and set away for 24 hours in a cool place. This served cold with sugar and cream on a hot summer’s day is delicious.

If you want to make it more elaborate it can be done in the same way in a plain round mould, and turned out and whip some thick cream to a nice stiffness and pour over and decorate with cherries and angelica or a little pink sugar sprinkled. Miss Coupar, Dundee.

Grand Bazaar

Kinnaird Hall
13th, 14th and 15th March
In connection with
Ward Road Wesleyan Methodist Church.
Large variety of useful articles.
Entertainment and amusements.

New Dundee Hospital

Those responsible for the management of the Hospital for Women in Seafield Road in Dundee, have concluded arrangements for procuring a new site in Blackness Road on which to erect a new building. This was made possible as the result of a handsome gift by Mrs F.B. Sharp and a building of considerable dimensions is to be erected. The ground procured is on the north side of Blackness Road and west of Balgay Industrial School for girls.

Attributed to Drink

Dundee enjoys a somewhat unenviable record as regards the care of children by a section of the community.

During 1912 the officers of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children had to deal with 643 cases, involving the welfare of 1789 children, these figures being practically the same as those for the previous year.

Of the cases dealt with, 70 per cent are attributed to be due directly to excessive drinking on the part of the parents, and in addition 20 per cent were due indirectly to the same cause.

Much hardship is caused by the fact that so many fathers desert their wives and children, and decline to give anything for their support. 282 cases of this nature were dealt with during the year. These figures were supplied in a report submitted to the annual meeting of the Society, held in the Town Hall in Dundee on Monday.

People’s Friend

Annie S. Swan
Has never written anything
More charming than –
“The Beild Folk”
Begin it in this week’s
People’s Friend.

Lucky Dundee Workman

A young Dundee artisan has just received the pleasant news from abroad that he is now the sole possessor of a large fortune.

The young man is a native of the city, where he served his apprenticeship prior to leaving for other districts. Lately he has been employed in one of the Glasgow shipyards and while in the West he received information from Australia of his luck.

It appears that an Uncle, who for a number of years has been in business in Australia had compiled a large fortune, and a short time ago he died, leaving his Dundee nephew sole heir to his money and property.

They young man on receipt of the news repaired to Dundee, where he is at the present time, and laid his affairs in the hands of a well-known local solicitor. It is understood that the fortunate youth will leave in a short time for the Australian continent to enter into the possession of his newly acquired wealth, which amounts to something like £25.000.