July 1912

Dundee Burglars and the Dog Watch

Dundee PostcardA daring burglary was perpetrated at Ninewells, to the west of Dundee. Not only was money abstracted, but considerable damage was done to the furniture and fittings in the house.The occupant Mr A. Forbes Milne, organist and music teacher, was on holiday, and the discovery was made by Mrs Cran, who lives in an adjoining house. On her return home on Thursday night Mrs Cran was surprised at not hearing the welcome bark of her dog, and on making a search found the animal lying in the back court, apparently suffering from injury. At that time she observed a man’s head disappear behind the wall. She cried “Who’s there” and picking up the dog, ran to the house and called her husband. By the time Mr and Mrs Cran returned to the backyard the burglars had decamped. The first impression of the couple was that an attempt had been made on their own house, and it was not until yesterday morning that it was learned that Mr Milne’s house next door had been forcefully entered.

The police were informed, and on examination they found that Mr Milne’s house had been entered by the scullery window. Mr Milne was communicated with and in the afternoon returned home. It was then seen that every room in the building had been ransacked and considerable damage done to contents. Only a small sum of money and some silver spoons however, had been removed, although a quantity of silver plate which was lying quite openly was not disturbed. It is believed that the dog had either been chloroformed or stunned by the thieves.

Collapse of Shipyard Strike

With the exception of the painters’ labourers or “slapdashers”, almost all the strikers at the Caledon Shipbuilding Yard have now returned to work. In all, there were about 150 men out, most of them, ceasing operations because they were dissatisfied with the working conditions, and the remainder out of sympathy with the strikers.

Dundee Tent Mission

The Tent
Alexander Street
Mr Robert Graham, Belfast.
Tonight at 8 – Address to Christians.
Sabbath afternoons, 2.30 and Evenings at 6.30.
Every week night (except Friday), at 8.

Forfar Fair

Forfar will be all agog on Monday. It is games day and quite a galaxy of athletes, heavy and light, are entered to compete. There is to be a variety programme of amusement as well. Given good weather the splendid attractions offered will prove a great draw. All roads should lead to Forfar on Monday.

Vacation Schools

The summer vacation schools have been started in Dundee for the season. The centres are Dudhope, Ancrum Road and Dens Road, and in each case, the number of scholars, having exceeded the limit of 150 that limit has been extended. About 560 children connected with the schools will participate in a picnic to the Mains today.


Weekly service by Canadian-Pacific Steamers, and all the Best Lines. Call or send for particulars. John Mitchell, 62, Murraygate, Dundee.


Slaters – Dundee Branch – A meeting will be held on Monday first at 8 p.m. Business – Election of office bearers and Committee. Full attendance requested. – By order of the committee.

Dundee Poor Rate

A Welcome Reduction

Dundee poor rate for the current year is to be reduced by 1½d  per £1 – from 1s 4  ½d to 1s 3d. This was decided at a meeting of the Conveners of the Committees of the Parish Council last night.

Lemonade Syrup

4lb lumps sugar
2½ citric acid,
1 quart water
2 teaspoons essence of lemon

Boil the water and sugar well together and when nearly cold add the citric acid and essence of lemon. One tablespoon of this mixture is enough for a tumbler of water.

The Highland Show

Cupar – Fife
Next week
Special arrangements have been made be the “Dundee Advertiser” to ensure that its Readers get the very best and full accounts of the proceedings at the “Highland” next week. A staff of expert reporters will be in the grounds, and the full prize-list will appear in Wednesday issue, together with a descriptive report of the judging. Photos of a specially interesting nature will also appear.

Ask for Dundee Advertiser.