January 1913

Couple on the Law

An incident that occurred on the Law Hill the other evening is illustrative of the real danger involved in a stroll in certain parts of the city after darkness. Frequent complaints have shown that there is a class of hooligans who are in the habit of frequenting Magdalen Green, the Den of Mains, the Law and such places for the purpose of molesting unsuspecting people, and the matter has from time to time engaged the attention of the police authorities.

While a young man was walking on the Law along with a lady acquaintance they were scared by a man who suddenly revealed his presence to the couple. Being suspicious of his intentions, the latter took to their heels. In the darkness, however, a hurried scamper over the rough roads of the Law is attended with personal danger, and so unfortunately it proved for the young woman in this instance. Stumbling in her haste, she fell heavily and her head came into violent contact with the ground, with the result that her face was badly torn. She was conducted to the Royal Infirmary where her injuries, which necessitated six stitches, were dressed. He companion also fell and sustained minor injuries.

Ice Cream Shops

The Secretary for Scotland is still considering the objections of shopkeepers to the bye-laws passed by Dundee Town Council and confirmed by the Sheriff for the regulation of ice-cream shops and places of refreshment in the city. Anxious to obtain the observations of the Council on the objections which have been lodged with him, he has written to the Town Clerk, and the question was raised at a meeting of the Police Committee on Tuesday night.

The Clerk suggested that he should reply to the effect that the Council were of opinion that there was no occasion to have places of public refreshment open on Sundays. As there was no floating population in the city. It was not a city like way Glasgow, where a number of strangers might be landed enroute for some other country. The town councillors were of the opinion that the majority of the citizens of Dundee favoured all-day closing on Sundays on the principles that unnecessary trading on Sunday should be discouraged as much as possible. Regarding the hours of closing on week nights, the Councillors were satisfied that the Sheriff had allowed the most suitable hours for keeping open on week days and on Saturdays. The Committee approved the proposed reply.

White Sale Time

Opening Day January 30th.

This worthy economy time is an event of importance for the woman of fashion, the woman of thrift, the women of politics, for every woman. It is the Once-a-year All-over-the-house-sale, when all merchandise, staple and otherwise, is offered at less that at any other time.

It is a great disposal of good merchandise, in the assembling of which special co-operation has been accorded us by the most reliable manufacturers who regularly first chance when any special offering are going. On Thursday morning this great economy selling time begins, and wisely will women wait for this White Sale Time because they know it’s worth waiting for.

On Thursday the first day of the sale, business in all departments, excepting in the Luncheon Rooms, will be suspended from 1 to 2 o’clock to make better service possible on that exceptionally busy day with a complete staff during the hours before 1 and after 2.
D.M. Brown, the Arcade, Dundee.

Insurance Act

Up to date 33 doctors in Dundee have intimated their intention of joining the local panel to administer medical benefit under the National Insurance Act, and it is expected the number will ultimately reach 40. The number of insured persons living in the city has now been discovered to be about 55,000.

Arrangements for administering the medical benefit under the Act were completed at a conference held in the Town House this week between the Medical Benefit Sub-Committee of the Dundee Insurance Committee and the local Medical Committee. The proceedings were of a most friendly character, and the various points raised were easily arranged. A capitation system of payment for medical benefit was unanimously decided upon, and it was agreed that there should be no income limit.

The hours fixed for attendance of the doctors at their residences for consultation by insured persons were from 6 to 8 p.m., and it was arranged, except in cases of urgency, that a message for the services of a doctor on a particular day must be in his hands before 10 a.m.


Today – Mr Duncan’s public class, beginners 3; practice 4 till 6; popular assembly 7.30 prompt. Duncan’s famous orchestra (augmented).

The Annual Sale

At Wm Hunter & Co’s
Friday First.
11-19 Wellgate, Dundee

Eggless Drop Scones

Take 2 teacups flour, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar and ½ teaspoon baking soda; add enough sweet milk to make into a smooth batter. Beat with a knife until smooth and fire on a well greased hot girdle. B. Lumsden, Thornton.


For latest government information and for fares to all stations apply to:-
James A. Anderson & Co.,
29, Panmure Street, Dundee.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Monday, January 6th, for 18 nights at 7.15, and Matinees (First Week) Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2.0.
Mr Tom B. Davis’s
Grand Pantomime,
Box office now open.

1913 Useful Calendar

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“Dundee Advertiser”
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