November 1912

Riveters’ Strike

A temporary agreement has been come to whereby the riveters in the employment of the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Dundee resumed work on Thursday and continue till Wednesday, when a settlement of a permanent nature is expected to be reached.It is over three weeks since the employees laid down their tools. The dispute arose through the refusal of the employers to grant extra pay for work performed aboard an oil-tank vessel. Of a different and unusually arduous nature, the special work, it was thought, should be paid for at a higher than ordinary work, the men being on a piecework scale of pay, The strike was not ordered by the Boilermakers’ Society, but that body has stepped in, and as a result of their efforts, the arrangements mentioned has been effected.

Mr W.G. Sharp, delegate of the Society from Glasgow, addressed the men on Wednesday, and along with a deputation visited the Caledon Company. The result of that meeting with the employers was communicated later in the afternoon to the men who gathered in Dudhope Street Hall. Mr Sharp reported that he had arranged a joint conference, to be held next week, between the Society and the Caledon firm. It was thereupon decided to return to work, the general opinion being that an amicable settlement would be the result of the conference.

Dundee Burglary

A burglary was discovered on Tuesday morning to have taken place during the night in the premises of Messrs Cooper Brothers, dealers in antiques and jewellery, Ireland’s Lane, Dundee. When the proprietor entered the shop there were no indications of anything amiss, the door being locked and the shutters of the windows all fastened as they had been left the previous evening; but when one of the shutters was removed it was seen that a considerable quantity of jewellery and other goods had been removed from the window. The articles taken consisted for the most part of chains, ear and finger rings with imitation stones in them and a Sheffield plate. The value is about £15.

That the burglary was not the work of professional thieves is proved by the fact that there was a considerable quantity of valuable antique jewellery and other goods easily removable in the shop, and the theory is that the robbery was carried out by lads who had entered the premises by using false keys. The police were immediately informed, and detectives set to work to investigate the affair.


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Lamplighter’s Presentation

A smoker in connection with the City Lamplighters’ Recreation Club was held in the clubrooms on Thursday night for the purpose of presenting Mr R.D. Robertson who has been President for the past seven years, with a testimonial – a handsome silver tea service and oak tray,, with a suitable inscription. Mr Robertson in a felicitous speech thanked the members for their handsome gift. A happy night was spent with song and sentiment.