October 1912

Triple Swimming Champion

Young Dundonian Who Set Up New Record

Can Conrad Wenyon, the brilliant young Dundee swimmer, with the 220 yards’ championship of Scotland at Glasgow on Monday? If he can – and there is no reason why he shouldn’t – he will have set the seal on his aquatic fame.Among his recent performances has been the winning of the Belmont Club championship, when he created a new Scottish record for 200 yards.

Wenyon’s wonderful record is all the more remarkable because, he only began swimming n 1908. Since then he has won victory after victory. In 1909 he captured the Belmont Club championship.

After two years of the trudgeon stroke, he started the crawl in 1911 and won the Tay swim. This year his successes include the 200 yards open water championship; the 100 yards Midland Counties; and the 100 yards Scottish championship.

Canadian Government Lecture

Lectures on Canada, illustrated by
Lantern Slides
Will be given by
Mr F. Campbell,
Canadian Government Representative
In the
Gilfillan Hall, Dundee,
On Tuesday, 29th Oct., at 7.30 p.m.

Grand Scottish Concert

Vocal and Instrumental Music
Kinnaird Hall, Dundee
Wednesday, 23rd, October
Orchestra of 45 performers
Admission – Front seats 2s; Area 1s; Back seats 6d.
Tickets to be had at Musicsellers and Booksellers.
Doors open 7.30, concert 8 prompt.
Carriages 10.15.

52, Wellgate

I’m now showing a very Fine selection of Men’s Overcoats, Ready-to-wear.
There’s six of the best coats shown in the doorway, Double-breasted Style,
Fleecy and Nap Cloths.
The price from 25s to 40s.
May I fit you with one tonight?
Tom Gardiner,

Warning from a Tragedy

A Lochee woman met her death under tragic circumstance on Tuesday, expiring after swallowing her artificial teeth. The wife of Michael Reekie, timekeeper at the Linoleum Works, Mrs Janet Wood or Reekie, was seated at dinner with her husband shortly after one o’clock, when, along with a piece of morning roll and a spoonful of broth, she accidentally swallowed her top set of teeth. Complaining of acute pain, she requested that she should be taken to the Royal Infirmary, and this was immediately done. At the Infirmary the coin-catcher was tried without avail for over an hour, and later Mrs Reekie, after being x-rayed, was taken to the operating theatre to have her throat opened. Before receiving chloroform, however she died. On Monday it was noticed that her teeth were loose, the upper set falling out altogether. A resident in the district for many years, Mrs Reekie was well known, and her cheery temperament made her a popular tenant. She was in her fifty-eighth year. 

Blackscroft Yearly Society

Blackscroft Yearly Society will be enrolling half-year members on and after Saturday 5th October, in St Andrews School, William Street, (back wing) from 6 to 7.30 p.m. Money may be lent quarterly if desired.

Autumn Holiday Notice

The Central Baths, West Protection Wall and District Baths and Wash Houses will be open on Monday First (autumn holiday) but will close on Tuesday, the 8th inst, in lieu thereof.
Walter McGregor,
General Manager
Dundee, 4th October, 1912.

Dundee Player from Home

Bradford City are to give a benefit to George Chaplain, the old Dundee back, who has been advised to give up the game. He intends settling down in business in the Yorkshire town.

Preparing for Hatters’ Strike

Local hatters are laying in emergency supplies of hats in anticipation of a strike of the trade when the five years’ agreement terminates this month. The manufacturing centres are Denton and Stockport, near Manchester, and as there are demands to be met by both employers and the men a strike is expected.

To Take Bruises Out Of Furniture

Wet the part with warm water. Double a piece of brown paper six times thick. Soak and lay it on the place. Apply on that a hot flat iron until the moisture has evaporated, if the bruise has not gone repeat the process till the dent or bruise is raised level with the surface.