April 1913

The Spring Holiday

Dundee spring holiday was observed on Monday and the different works, shops, offices and places of business were all closed.

There was a great exodus from the city. It commenced on Friday, continued in an increasing extent on Saturday, and developed to its full limit on Monday, when trainload after trainload of eager trippers, left the city to various places of varying distances away.The town wore a very deserted appearance for the greater part of Monday, everyone seeming to have been anxious to take advantage of the cheap railway facilities to spend the holiday away from familiar surroundings. As usual the parks and other popular public places claimed a lot of patronage and thousands flocked to the golf courses at Monifieth, Carnoustie and other places.

Montrose was a powerful source of attraction - probably because of the presence there of the Army Flying Corps. The Territorial’s were at Abernethy and the Boys’ Brigade and Boy Scouts also had outings of their own.

The first river trips of the season were made, and were heavily patronised, many taking advantage of them. The rowing boats were also out for the first time this year.

There seemed to be plenty money in circulation and this may be ascribed to the favourable winter and the abundance of work which have been experienced in Dundee.

Dundee Then and Now

The House of Commons Committee has decided that Broughty Ferry shall come within the municipal boundaries of Dundee and has unanimously passed the preamble of the Annexation Bill.

The representatives of Broughty Ferry are not satisfied with the judgement, and are to carry the question to the House of Lords. What the result of that step remains to be seen.

Dundee will now contain 176,064 inhabitants and increase of 11,058. Under the Bill it was proposed to increase the population to 179,162. The population of Monifieth is 3098 and of Broughty Ferry 11,058.

They area of the city will now be about 6500 acres. If Monifieth had been included the area would have been almost 6840. The extent to which Dundee has been enlarged is 1236 acres.

By the inclusion of Broughty Ferry the annual rateable value of the city of Dundee has been increased to the imposing figure of £1,063,000. Monifieth’s value is £17,900 would have raised the total to £1,080,900.

The populations of the larger Scottish towns are:- Glasgow, 1,007,600; Edinburgh 357,048; Dundee 176,064; Aberdeen 163,891; Leith 80,489; Paisley 79,363; Greenock 68,911.

There is great jubilation in the city at the outcome of events, and the thanks of the citizens will be cordially awarded to those who have been the leaders in a hot and strenuous fight.

The struggle, however, is not yet over, for Broughty Ferry has appealed to the House of Lords.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Spring Holiday, April 7th
For six nights and matinee Saturday
The Wonderful
An Arabian Night.
Written by Edward Knoblauch.
The music by Christopher Wilson.
Box Office (Messrs Patterson), 10 to 5. Tel.795.


Passengers booked to all stations at the lowest rates.
Call for sailing lists, handbook &c.
James Nicoll & Co.,
19, High Street, Dundee.

For Sale

In Large or Small Lots
50,000 turned hickory golf shafts
Second Quality Useful for
Flower Sticks
Or similar purposes
Price, 1/- per dozen
Fleming & Barry Ltd.,
Camperdown Sawmills, Dundee.


The All-Steel Bicycle
With Dunlop tyres, Brooks’ saddle and Sturmey- Archer 3-speed gear, and you know that you have the best that money can buy.
Prices from £5.19.6 to £15.15.0.
Or by easy payments.
Immediate delivery.
Send a postcard for the 1913 “Book of the Raleigh” free.
Dundee Cycle Works, Queens Hotel Buildings, Nethergate.
Broughty Ferry:-
P. Kinninmonth, 344, Brook Street.

Domestic Shortcuts

To Prevent Rust – After washing tin utensils, put them by the fire to remove any moisture that nay have been left when wiping then dry, for thus rust is prevented and their usefulness is prolonged.

Ironstains on Marble – Use a mixture of spirits of wine and oxalic acid for removing iron stains from marble. Leave in on for a short time, then wash off and rub dry with a cloth. Lemon juice will also sometimes remove these stains.

Use of Salt – Salt is an excellent gargle for some throats. Salt in whitewash makes it stick well. Salt used in sweeping carpets keeps out the moths. Salt and soda are good for bee stings. Salt in the oven under baking tins will prevent burning at the bottom. Salt and vinegar remove stains from teacups. Salt on the top of saucepan lids will prevent food from being smoked over an open fire. Mrs Moffat, Wishaw.

A Kismet Snake Incident

During the run of the “Kismet” at the Garrick Theatre in London, a new snake was one night introduced by the lady serpent charmer, who appears in the second act. The snake, being an untrained one, evidently resented the presence of the audience and turning upon the young lady whose body it was coiled, bit her in the neck. Medical attention was summoned at once and the unfortunate charmer was conveyed home. Next morning the young lady turned up at the theatre none the worse for her accident but the snake was dead.

Weavers’ Strike in Dundee

A strike of hosepipe weavers has taken place in Dundee, the work involved being that of Messrs McGregor & Co., Mid Street. The men, numbering about 90, made a demand some time ago for an increase of ½d per yard on all fabrics woven. The demand was refused and negotiations which followed had no satisfactory result. This was followed by an intimation by the men that if their demand was not granted they would come out on strike. The firm accepted this at notice of the termination of engagement, and when they made this known the men struck work.

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