December 1913

The New Scala Picture Theatre

The latest addition to Dundee’s places of entertainment, the Scala Picture Theatre, is to be opened on Tuesday first. In these

days when the craze is to get your entertainment from the film the presence in the city of a new cinema hall modelled on the most up-to-date and attractive lines are welcome.

The new theatre, situated in a popular district will without doubt command many patrons. No expense has been spared by the proprietors to construct a theatre where elegance of appointment and comfort are happily combined.

Although not yet complete, the work is being pushed on with the utmost expedition, and the casual passer by in the Murraygate would not suspect that an extensive cinema theatre is being prepared for his enjoyment.

Rare Old Liqueur

There is a quality
Impossible to surpass
The Best
Such is our
Rare Old Liqueur
Scotch Whisky
Sample 6d, post free,
48/- per dozen from
S.S. Melville, Leslie, Fife.

Fun for the Fireside

Column by Neil Kenyon.

Long may we live,
Long may we love,
And long may we be happy.
- Burns
To wish you the old, old wish –
Health and Happiness
Throughout the coming year
From Neil Kenyon
9 Bank Street,

Miniature Zoo in the Murraygate

Children stop at the corner of Panmure Street and Murraygate to look delightedly at what always succeeds in arousing young enthusiasm – “real, live animals”. Grown-ups, realising that novelty is the main thing nowadays, stop, too, at Mr Rowbottom’s window to witness the unusual sight of Highland sheep, wild rabbits, pigeons, canaries, and other birds disporting themselves in a toy Arcadia in the heart of a busy town.

Artistic tartan draping makes an effective and suitable background to this pretty scene, and both the Panmure Street windows, dressed with boys’ and men’s suits and overcoats, and those in the Murraygate displaying all kinds of useful presents for ladies and gentlemen, claim the attention of shoppers.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

Twice Nightly
Next Week –
All Stars.
The Renowned Musical Comedy Favourite,
Male Ash
Fred Allandale
In their latest skit
“The Soldier and the Girl”
Charburn’s Young Stars
In a pretty and refined vocal dancing scene
Randolph King
In his latest success
“The Village Baazar”
Booking Office Open at Theatre Daily 11 to 4 and 7 to 10.
Tele. 1930.

Hotels, &c.

Dine at Straton’s
The Restaurant,
Reform Street
Under New Management
Reconstructed Premises
Music Afternoon and Evening
Superior Accommodation for
Dinner Parties &c.
Luncheon from 11.30 a.m.
Teas and Suppers from 4 p.m.
Tables Reserved
Telephone 876.

Lochee Works On Fire

But for the prompt measures taken to subdue it, a fire which broke out early on Saturday morning at the factory of Messrs East Brothers Ltd., furniture manufacturers, South Road, Lochee, might have reached alarming proportions. When patrolling South Road, about three o ‘clock, Constable Millar heard an alarm bell sound and scrambling on the roof of Messrs East’s premises, he found flames coming from a drying stove. The value of the sprinkler installation was demonstrated by the fact that it successfully held the fire until the arrival of Captain Weir and the Dundee and Lochee Brigades, and they quickly had the outbreak under control. Damage, which is covered by insurance, was done to the extent of about £100.

The Bookkeeper-Cashier

Is the responsible and trusted official in every activity of Commercial Life.
For prospectus, address the Secretary, Business Training Dept, 1, High Street, Dundee.

Four Handy Hints

A sliced banana added to the white of an egg and beaten until stiff makes a delicious substitute for whipped cream.

If mixed with milk instead of water, mustard will not get dry, but will keep nice and fresh until it is all used up.

Cheese, when becomes dry, may be freshened up by being placed in hot water for a few minutes.

When frying fish, dip it in milk instead of egg before rolling in breadcrumbs, this is more economical and tastes better.

Mrs Graham, Wishaw.

Christmas Plum Pudding

Mix the following ingredients in a basin:
1 lb breadcrumbs ¼ lb flour, ¼ lb sugar, ¼ lb chopped suet, 2 oz currants, 2 oz sultanas, 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, same of cinnamon, 2 oz mixed peel, ½ a teaspoon cream of tartar, same of baking soda, 1 small grated carrot, and a little milk if necessary. Mix well and put in a buttered mould, and steam for five hours, or it maybe boiled in a cloth.