July 1913

Death of Noted Dundee Lady

By the death of Miss Mary Lily Walker Dundee has lost one of her noblest daughters. Miss Walker had devoted her life and her energies to the amelioration of the condition of the poor, and to her labours was largely due the active existence of the Dundee Social Union with its many and varied ramifications.

The deceased lady, who was about 50 years of age, was in her usual health until Friday, when an obscure and dangerous illness manifested itself. She grew rapidly worse and on Monday her condition was recognised as precarious. She passed away about nine o’clock on Tuesday morning at the Grey Lodge, Wellington Street, Dundee.

Miss Walker came of an old Dundee Family and was the daughter of the late Thomas Walker, a well-known Dundee solicitor. She studied at University College, Dundee and distinguished herself in biology and physiology. Early in life she manifested the keenest interest in the social condition of the poor and to her initiative
was largely due the inception of the Dundee Social Union. Of that important organisation she was the life and soul. Nominally she was the Hon Superintendent, but she was generally recognised as the guiding and moving spirit of its whole work.

Like most big organisations, the Social Union has a small beginning. It directed its attention at the outset to the housing question, and for the first Miss Walker was one of the most zealous members of its Housing Committee. Under her guiding care there gradually grew up around the first structure all the other agencies, such as the restaurant for the feeding of nursing mothers, the cripple children’s school and the provision of holiday homes for children. In all the more important committees required to carry on these varied undertakings Miss Walker was an untiring member, and to the other members she imparted much of her indefatigably enthusiasm. She gave up everything to the cause of the poor, including her life and her home. Her house, Grey Lodge, Wellington Street, she devoted to the Social Union and all her hours were ungrudgingly given to directing its affairs and visiting the homes of tenants of the Union, with the individual circumstances of each of whom she was intimately acquainted.

Queen Alexandra

It is highly probable that Queen Alexandra will visit Dundee during the autumn.
Her Majesty proposes to visit Denmark shortly, and she is likely to embark on the Royal Yacht at Craig Pier, Dundee. Prior to crossing to the continent Her Majesty is to stay for ten days at Mar Lodge, Deeside. From there she will travel south to Dundee, where, according to the present arrangements, the Royal Yacht will be awaiting to convey her to Copenhagen.

For a number if years Queen Alexandra has chose Dundee as her port of embarkation for Denmark, and the citizen have always looked forward to these visits with loyal interest. The occasions have been marked by great public enthusiasm, and Her Majesty never was slow to show her appreciation of the kindness of the welcome extended to her. The last royal visit to the city was in the autumn of 1910, a few months subsequent to the death of King Edward.

Dundee Hibs Sign Custodian

Dundee Hibs have now completed a stronger eleven for the coming season. A capable goalkeepers has been secured in Charlie McPhillip, the ex-Hearts’ player, who should ably fill the vacancy caused be Cameron’s signing for Cowdenbeath. Possessing all the abilities that go to make a good custodian, McPhillips should prove to be of value for the Tannadice Park club.


Passenger Service Agency
Passages booked to all parts of the world at lowest rates
James Nicoll & Co.,
19, High Street,

Dundee Holidays

Excursion tickets issued in advance.
London 33s; Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester for 15s 5d; Isle of Man, 20s 20d via Ardrossan. Seats reserved on trains to England. Single fame and quarter excursions. Tickets also issued to points on Caledonian &c., Railways.
Fleming & Haxton
76, High Street

Helpful Hints

To Clean a Black Skirt:- Lay the skirt as flatly as possible on a clean table. Remove all grease spots with brown paper and a hot iron, then with a sponge dipped in very strong coffee rub over the whole of the dress, paying special attention to the front and the edge of the skirt. When the whole of the skirt has been sponged and is still damp, iron on the wrong side until perfectly dry, it is best to use an ironing board for this process if one is available.

Lucky Dundee Masons

The Dundee masons’ strike has ended, after lasting five weeks and the men resume work on Monday first. The rise for which they struck will be granted on Saturday 9th August. Then the builders will have 10d per hour instead of 9½ d and the hewers 9½ d instead of 9.

The settlement took place last evening at a meeting of the Dundee and District Master Builders’ Association, consequent upon a conference between joint-committees, and although about 150 of the 300 strikers are out of town, a fairly good start is anticipated.

Make Your Own Jams and Jellies!

The very finest of factory-made preserves are not to be compared with those you can manufacture in your own home.

You will find jam-making quite a pleasant operation if you go by the instructions contained in:
Aunt Kate’s
Jams & Jellies Book
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Of all newsagents.


Wardmaids wanted for Dundee Royal Infirmary; good wages. Apply Matron.

Ploughman, married man preferred. Apply Paterson, Valleyfield, by Errol.

Elderly man or stout lad wanted to attend dairy cows. Apply Guide Office, Broughty Ferry.

Apprentice Plumbers wanted, apply James Fyffe & Son, 89 Nethergate.


The annual flower service, with distribution of prizes to the Sunday scholars, was held in the Parish Church. The church was tastefully decorated with flowers. A juvenile choir of 35 voices gave a sweet and artistic rendering of Crippen’s “Lesson’s of the Flowers”. Rev William Simpson gave the connective readings. Mr Graham Warner proved and efficient organist.