October 1913

Naval Job for Dundee

Jackal to be Repaired Locally
As we anticipated in the “Dundee Advertiser” the repairs to the torpedo-destroyer Jackal, which was cut through the bows by the super-Dreadnought Thunderer during the North sea manoeuvres, and has been dry docked at Dundee, will be executed by local shipbuilders.

The intentions of the Admiralty might have been divined from the fact that after the collision at sea the Jackal was towed over 53 miles to Dundee in preference to going to Leith. On Tayside there are two shipbuilding firms on the Admiralty list, and to one or other of these the commission to make the Jackal again seaworthy will without doubt be given. Both the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Ltd, and the Dundee Shipbuilding and Engineering Company were asked to quote their figure for the work and after making an examination of the riven bows each firm tendered an offer.

It was expected that the contract would be placed yesterday, and it is more than probable that the beginning of the week will see the damaged warcraft in the hands of local shipyard engineers.

The forepart of the Jackal will require to be taken completely off and reconstructed, and, according to Mr W.B. Thompson of the Caledon Company, this work can easily be accomplished by the Dundee workmen. The cost has been estimated at between £2000 and £3000, and the period for repairs is three months.

New Pictures for Dundee Galleries

Two very important etching have just been added to the recently formed black and white section of the Dundee permanent collection. One of these is the rare work by the late H. Fantin-Latour, entitled “Le Musicien” presented by Mr Alexander Reid, Glasgow. The composer is shown seated at his desk with quill in hand in the act of writing the melody inspired by the Genius of Music, who stands beside him. The work is chiefly noticeable for the softness and grace of the limes which are so seldom seen in etched work. The other picture is a view of “The Doorway of Santa Cruz” Toledo by Andrew A. Affleck and the donors are Messrs Connell & Sons, Glasgow. This is the work of one of the most promising young etchers, for whom a great artistic future is foretold. At a special meeting of the Free Library Committee a special vote of thanks was accorded to Mr John Robertson, Convener of the Art Advisory Committee, for the trouble he has taken is securing these valuable donations.

Will Mrs Pankhurst be Deported?

The American immigration authorities have decided that Mrs Pankhurst on her arrival from France shall be detained at Ellis Island pending the result of an investigation by the board of inquiry. A record of her arrests and imprisonments has been furnished to the authorities. It is possible that Mrs Pankhurst may be deported.

Money, Shares, Investments

Dundee Corporation Loans
(Trust Investment)
The Dundee Gas Commissioners are prepared to receive
Money on Loan, either at call or for fixed periods of 3, 5 or 7 years.
Terms on applications to
W.M. Burke, Treasurer.
89, Commercial Street, Dundee.

For Sale

Grey Horse 16 h.h. for sale; warranted in single and double harness. Also light lorry. Apply James Rennie, Stoneygroves, near Lochee.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Next week for six nights and
Saturday matinee
The World Famous Repertoire
Company of 50 Performers
“Russian Ballet”
Direct from the Imperial Opera Houses of
St Petersburg and Moscow,
In their latest Covent Garden succeses.
Box Office Open. Tel 795.

Dundee Hibs Sign Local Junior

Dundee Hibs are still adding to their strength. The Tannadice Park brigade mean business in the Qualifying Cup and Linn, their inside left, being injured, the Hibs immediately looked out for a successor. The player secured is Leckie, for Dundee West End, a junior who has the reputation of being a clever, go-ahead player. He will partner Stoessel against Albion Rovers at Coatbridge today.

A Lady Secretary

To Commercial and Professional Gentleman is by far the
Best Appointment of the Day.
For office brochure free, write to,
Secretary Training Dept, 1, High Street, Dundee.

Pulled Up the Train

Visions of an awful fate rose before the eyes of some Scottish excursionist the other day, but fortunately their fears weren’t realised. They were Dundonians bound for Glasgow, and what alarmed them was that the railway carriage in which they were seated caught fire.

It was the Dundee holiday, and several excursion trains were dispatched for Glasgow and Edinburgh. These were all well filled, and most of the ordinary trains had to be duplicated.

One of the special trains for Glasgow left Dundee shortly after seven o’clock with a full compliment of passengers. All went well until near Dunning station, when smoke was observed in one of the carriages rising from the floor. A passenger promptly pulled the communication cord and the train was brought to a standstill. It was then seen that the under-part of the carriage was in flames, the outbreak having apparently been due to the over-heating of one of the axles through friction.

The burning carriage was at once detached, and the passengers transferred to other parts of the train. This naturally caused some delay, but eventually the train proceeded on its journey, and arrived safely in Glasgow shortly after ten o’clock.

A Good Use for Old Stockings

Having just finished a very comfortable jersey for a girl at school, made from three pairs of old stocking legs which cannot be refooted. I pass on the hint to the “People’s Journal” readers:- Your require a pair of legs for the back and a pair for the back, cut open and join neatly, leaving a space at the top of the side seams to put the sleeves in. Join three inches at the top of each side, them finish the neck with a simple scallop of crochet, put in the other pair of legs for the sleeves, and you will have a very cosy jersey to wear under a dress. It could be lined with some soft material if desired, and will be found nice and warm during the winter. Mrs Hill, Glasgow.