June 1913

Suffragettes Raid Dundee Pillar Boxes

After a period of inactivity Dundee Suffragettes broke out again on Thursday night. On this occasion their campaign of persuasion took the form of an organised attack on the city letter boxes, the methods adopted being very similar to the tactics followed in isolated instances during the past few months.This time, however, the onslaught was of a much more determined character, and it was certainly not the fault of the women that their efforts were not crowned with success. Fortunately, their plans miscarried, and the actual damage done was after all negligible.

The first intimation that anything untoward had happened was given when the Fire Brigade were summoned to an outbreak in a pillar box in the Nethergate. This one, by the way, stands directly in front of the offices of the W.S.P.U., on the edge of the pavement. The flames were soon subdued, and Captain Weir proceeded to the Post Office to report.

There he learned that a similar occurrence had taken place in High Street, and with bewildering rapidity additional cases of incendiarism were reported. The Firemaster in the circumstances deemed it advisable to make a tour of the boxes in the centre of the city, and this was accordingly done, with the result that attempts were found to have been made on the pillars in the Murraygate, Dock Street, Castle Street, West Station, Thomson Street, Perth Road, West Park Road and Grosvenor Terrace.

More than one person must have been engaged in the nefarious work, although the modus operandi in each case was the same. The perpetrator had simply dropped into the box an unsealed envelope, inside of which were two glass tubes, containing, so far as can be ascertained, bi-sulphite and carbon in one and petrol or some similar inflammable liquid in the other. As is now well known, this mixture bursts into flames immediately exposed to air.

In the majority of cases, however, the arrangement failed to work, and in the others the outbreak was caught in the nick of time, and got under. In all only one letter was destroyed, and even here the name and address of the sender were quite decipherable. Between fifty and sixty were charred at the edges but otherwise undamaged. They were conveyed to the General Post Office, where wet bags were laid on them to obviate the possibility of further outbreaks by materials, which might have been concealed in envelopes. The remnants of the phials and those that remained intact were taken to the Police Office, where they will be subjected to expert examination.

Draffen’s New Lounge

“Let’s go to Draffen’s” is very often the concluding sentence of an appointment, for the charm of those dainty luncheon and tea-rooms is the lasting charm that brings patrons back again and again.

And now Messrs Draffen have added to their tea-rooms a most delightful lounge, which all through the summer and winter months, will be a favourite haunt for those men who think a cup of tea is hardly worthy the name unless it may be accompanied by a cigarette. A prettier more comfortable room that the new lounge it would be difficult to imagine; and withal, it is not that drawing-room type of prettiness which it is impossible to feel at ease in, but a restful and enduring beauty, which time and wear will increase not diminish.

The lounge was opened on Thursday from 3.30 onward, from which hour Messrs Draffen generously made no charge for teas served, marking the occasion by closing the cashbox. Music was delightfully discoursed during the afternoon. Messrs Draffen have obviously aimed at having every article of use as beautiful that there shall be little need form more palpable decoration. There are cool, green palms and a profusion of beautiful flowers, but otherwise there is little of extraneous decoration, and the result is a lounge which, for refined charm, would be difficult to parallel in a very wide area.

The new lounge will be open till seven o’clock, and also on a Saturday afternoon. Music will be a feature for some little time in the afternoons. Messrs Harley, Covent Garden, were responsible for the beautiful floral decorations on the opening day.

Outbreak at Southmills

A fire, which at first assumed alarming proportions, broke out in the establishment of South Mills Ltd, Dundee. Shortly before three o’clock the night-watchman while doing his rounds discovered smoke in the lower mill and raising the alarm, Dundee Fire Brigade under Captain Weir, were quickly on the scene.

The fire, of which had its origins amongst a quantity of mill dust, was prevented from gaining hold. Very soon the outbreak was entirely distinguished. The damage done was slight.


Orraman or halflin wanted for farm near Dundee. Apply Saturday afternoon, Croll, seedsman, Dundee.

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Yankee Pudding

Take 1 egg, its weight in butter, sugar, flour, crumbs and a pinch of salt, 1 dessertspoon raspberry jam, 1 dessertspoon gooseberry jam, 1 teaspoon carbonate soda. Mix all the dry ingredients together. Make a hollow in the centre; add the jams and the butter melted, and the egg. Pour into a greased mould, twist greased paper over the top and steam for 1 ½ hours. Turn out and serve with sauce:- ½ oz butter, ½ oz flour add milk and water gradually and stir till boils; add sugar and lemon juice.

Holiday Suits

In Tweeds, Flannels and Serges.
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The Caird Park

This is the new name for the Den of Mains, but it may be doubted if it will supplant the old. Mr Don reported that the Committee were endeavouring to make progress and that as quickly as possible, by way of getting the park brought into a useful state for recreation purposes. There was, however, difficulty in coming to a satisfactory arrangement with the farmers one of whom had two year of his tack still to run, while a second had seven years.