September 1913

Robbed on the Tay

Police Search for Stolen £20 Bank Notes
Dundee is being search high and low for a number of bank notes which made a mysterious disappearance from the pocket of a passenger on board a Tay pleasure steamer on Sunday evening.

Before crossing the gangway the gentleman, who hails from the continent and has been residing in the city for some time, had in his possession a considerable sum of money, and when the vessel was well on its journey he made the startling discovery that he had been relieved of some £42.

That the thief or thieves ware aboard there could be no doubt, but the passengers numbered many, and it was scarcely possible to single out a suspect. Leaving the steamer as soon as Dundee was reached, the unfortunate loser communicated with the police, who hurried to the docks. Before the crowd has passed out with the precincts nearly every one had cone under the scrutiny of a police official, and an arrest was made. The suspected person was a young woman.

Later in the evening other three captures were effected, all being females. Two were apprehended in a lodging-house, and a third in a dwelling-house. The hunt for the cash was fruitless. Shopkeepers in the centre of the town were notified of the affair and furnished with a description of the notes. The money comprised four Bank of Scotland notes, tow of £20 each and two singles.

The detectives are keeping in close touch with the shopkeepers about the centre of the city, while an all-round watch is being maintained for anyone who may want to change a £20 note, or who seems to be unusually well-provided with money.

Of the four women arrested on suspicion of having being connected with the affair, two were released, and the others appeared before Bailie Paton, at Dundee Police Court on Wednesday. They were Agnes Renny or King, Crichton Street and Mary Porter, millworker, Overgate. On the motion of Mr Dewar, the Fiscal, the women were remitted to the Sheriff.

Motorists Grumble at Police Methods

Two motorists who had exceeded the speed limits were dealt with by Sheriff Neish at Dundee on Wednesday. Kenneth Mitchell, H.M.S. Vulcan, passed through Newtyle at a speed of over ten miles per hour and was fined 10s. Edward Fullerton, Carnoustie, pleaded guilty to having driven a motor car along the Broughty Ferry Road at a speed exceeding 20 miles an hour. The accused criticised the methods of the police, in that ten days had elapsed before he knew anything about the offence. Sheriff Neish imposed a fine of 10s.


Dundee Lad’s Great Feat.
The Scottish record for 200 yards was lowered a notch in Dundee Swimming Baths on Wednesday night as the result of a remarkable powerful effort on the part of Conrad G. Wenyon, the Dundee lad who has brought many fine trophies to the city and possesses an imposing array of local prizes. The feat was accomplished at the annual gala of the Belmont Club, which was opened by Mr J.C. Low.


Dressmakers – Skirt and bodice makers wanted, first class hands. Permanent. Apply Miss Harley, Draffen & Jarvie, Ltd.

Furs, Furs, Furs

Arthur A. Miller,
Expert Manufacturing Furrier
And Fur Skin Merchant
64 to 68 Nethergate, Dundee
Business hours, 9 to 8, including
Wednesday & Saturdays
Telephone No. 1233.

Apple and Currant Cheese Cake

1 egg, 2 ozs butter, 2 ozs sugar, 2 tablepoonfuls stewed apples, lemon rind and juice, 3 ozs currants.

Method – warm the stewed apple, butter and sugar together, beat in the egg and currants, flavour nicely with the grated lemon rind and juice. Bake in pastry-lined patty pans.

The Gaelic Mod

Is to be held in
Dundee on 17th, 18th and 19th September
For special descriptive reports and
Interesting photographs
See the
Dundee Advertiser of
Thursday 18th September and following days.

Preliminary Announcement

St Andrew’s United Free Church, Dundee
A Bazaar
Will be held in the
Foresters’ Hall
Friday and Saturday
10th and 20th December 1913.
The sum of £700 is required for Renovation of
Halls and Extinction of debt on property,

Den of Mains to be Brought Within City

The Town Clerk at a meeting of the Parks Committee on Tuesday asked that he be instructed to take the necessary steps to have the Den of Mains brought within the burgh boundary. Bailie Paton thought they should take steps to get the telephone poles removed from the Den, as they were most objectionable. Mr Don said they could give three months notice. It was decided to give the Town Clerk the instructions asked.

Smart Work by Dundee Fire Brigade

A prompt turnout by Dundee Fire Brigade on Wednesday night prevented what might have been a serious blaze. About eight o’clock they received a call to an outbreak in the premises at King William Dock occupied by John J. Batchelor, coppersmith. On arrival they discovered that a workshop in the rear of the premises was ablaze and that only a partition separated the flames for 100 barrels of paraffin. The brigade got quickly to work, and within a few minutes had the outbreak under control. The damage was trifling.