August 1913

Proposed Memorial to the Late Miss M.L. Walker

That the valuable work carried on by the late Miss Mary L. Walker at Grey Lodge should be continued is the laudable desire of an influential Committee appointed to promote a memorial to the deceased lady, and no pains are being spared to accumulate a fund for this object.

Miss Walkers friends feel that the most appropriate form which such a memorial could take would be that of a fund, to be called “The Mary Lily Walker Memorial Fund”, the income and capital of which, so far as necessary, should be applied in carrying on the settlement at Grey Lodge for the period of three years prescribed by Miss Walker in her will, and thereafter either in continuing the work of the settlement or promoting other objects in which Miss Walker was interested, or objects of a like nature. The amount aimed at for this purpose is £2500. The amount already subscribed is a little over £900, and an earnest appeal is made to all who are desirous of seeing the work carried on to contribute to the proposed memorial fund.

Dundee Tramways Flourishing

17 Million Passengers
Dundee Corporation tramways are doing well. During the year ended 15th May the receipts amounted to £66,004 18s 3d, and the working expenses, including the maintenance of the lines, to £39, 421 18s 1d, leaving a balance of revenue over working expenses of £24,623 0s 2d. This sum has been apportioned in meeting interest, sinking fund and depreciation; £7400 has been allocated to the fund for renewals, a contribution of £2500 has been made to the Common Good, leaving a surplus of £9 11s 3d to be carried to reserve.

The number of passengers carried reached the huge figure of 17,734,162, while the cars covered 1,359,821 miles. There were 4,619,087 halfpenny fares issued while passes were granted to the number of 251,740.

The present staff of the Department consists of 257 men and the system serves a population of 165,000, who make an average of 107 journeys annually.

Dundee Gaelic Mod

Everything points to the forthcoming Highland Mod in Dundee being a decided success, and it is anticipated that a very large number of people interested in the language literature, song and legend of the Highlands from every part of Scotland will be present. An excellent programme has been prepared, filling the four days during which the Mod is to be extended. An interesting feature will be the juvenile competitions, and the children will give a concert at which the Countess of Airlie has kindly consented to preside.

The corporation is to give a reception and Lord Provost Urquhart and Mrs Urquhart are taking an active interest in the gathering.


Apprentice clerk for manufacturers’ and merchants’ office; smart, well educated boy, about 16 years of age. Salary, £10, £20, £30. Apply No 609, Advertiser Office.

New Players for Dundee

Of the players on trial in Dundee’s practice match on Thursday night two have been retained. Clarke Alexander, who played right back along with Lawson in the “Grey” team, and made a very significant show, has been signed. He hails from Yoker Athletic. The half-back who was on duty, Adam Macnaughton of Invergowrie, has been fixed as an amateur, and so has Andrew Fraser, who was in the A team last season, and played centre on Thursday night.

Canada and United States

Call at
James A. Anderson & Co’s
29, Panmure Street.
Full particulars as to fares, sailings &c.,
Free on application.

Dundee Tent Mission

The Tent, Ure Street,
The Redemption Singers
Tonight, at 8, meeting of Christian workers,
Sabbath afternoon, 2.30 and Evening, 6.30
Each evening next week at 8 o’clock
Special solos, duets and trios.

Beauty Tips

When the winds plays havoc with your face don’t smear on creams to soften the skin. They many soften for the moment, but they will make it apt to chap and redden as soon as it is exposed to the cold air. Put a handful of oatmeal into all water used for washing the face, and use lukewarm water only. Dry with a soft towel and dust the face lightly with fullers’ earth or any other good scentless powder.

Then always wash your hands in water to which a tablespoonful of oatmeal has been added. If they are chapped, a little pure glycerine heals them better than anything else. Rub it in while the hands are wet. Wear woollen gloves in preference to kid, lined with fur which allow of no ventilation.

To Clean a Brass Tray

Well rub the tray with a small piece of lemon; then with some hot water and soap, scrub all over with a soft brush. Wipe dry and with leather slightly warmed before the fire, a brilliant polish is obtained.