January 1979

More Snow Chaos

OvergateThe snow which had Dundee in its grip all last week finally disappeared on Sunday thanks to an amazing overnight thaw. However Dundonians hopes that that was the end of it for a while were dashed when they woke on Wednesday to discover several inches had fallen overnight. So it was back to the chaos of the previous week as citizens struggled to get to work on time. For most it was a long battle. Little had been done to make the roads easy to use and long lines of traffic built up on all the routes into town.

Typical was Albert Street, some of the vehicles just couldn't get a grip on the snowy surface and finished up in positions which then blocked the road for other users. Workers were eventually reporting for duty up to an hour after their scheduled times. However continual use quickly cleared the main thoroughfares in the city of snow. But side roads were still difficult. Yesterday morning traffic was moving more easily although pedestrians slithered to work. Overnight freezing conditions had iced up the pavements. And they also had to dodge the slush thrown up by passing vehicles. It's a hard life being a pedestrian in Dundee!

Ear Piercing

Painlessly carried out, modern technique
No appointment necessary, moderate terms
Kenneth Walker & Son, F.B.H.I. Watchmaker & Jeweller, 36 Union Street, Dundee

Bus Fare Increases

Tayside Region's Transport Committee agreed on Dundee bus fares increases which will go to the Regional Council and Traffic Commissioners for approval.

The present 6p, 10p, 12p and 15p rates will go up 1p and the 18p and 20p rates by 2p. The childs 4p will go up 1p. If approved the new rates will begin in April.

Ginger Slices

Take 6oz self raising flour, four level teaspoonfuls ground ginger, one egg, 4oz butter, 3oz castor sugar, two table-spoonfuls ginger marmalade.

Sieve flour and ginger and rub in butter. Add sugar and enough egg to bind mixture together. Turn on a lightly-floured surface and knead until smooth. Divide into half and form two square to fit into a greased 7 inch square tin.

Place one piece in the tin and spread with the marmalade then place the remaining piece on top. Bake in moderate oven for 50 mins. Turn onto a wire tray to cool. Cover with a smooth glace icing by mixing icing sugar with water. Spread over the top and cut into slices.

Vinegar Helps

Add a few drops of vinegar to the water when boiling sprouts, cabbage or cauliflower. This reduces the smell considerably.
Mrs E. Meikle-John

Butlin's Agents

Brochures and booking forms available now from:-
Thomson's, 111 South Road, Lochee, Telephone Dundee 610352

Disobedient Smokers

Although Broughty Ferry bus users are an obedient lot, Kirkton folk are not. On the top deck of the Ferry buses, a "please do not smoke" sign means that the air is usually clean. But the same message on the 19/19A route has very little impact. The pollution is so bad that as the day wears on, smokers can make the excuse that they couldn't see the notice for the smog!

Fans Must Behave at Tannadice

The Dundee United board of directors wish it to be known that hooliganism will not be tolerated at matches and that anyone found guilty of such behaviour will be banned from entering Tannadice Park

Already several fans have been banned from the grounds and supporters everywhere will be delighted with the latest move by Dundee United to curb hooliganism. Terracing trouble is one of the reasons why some folk never go near a football ground nowadays.

The recently-acquired habit of many fans attempting to mimic the Argentinian World Cup supporters' paper throwing is also causing concern to many clubs. Once again Dundee United have decided that anyone caught copying the paper throwing act will be ejected from the ground.

Dudley Watkins Exhibition

An exhibition of the work of artist Dudley Watkins begins in Dundee Museum a week tomorrow, Saturday 13th January. Dudley Watkin's career, like those of the characters he illustrated, is in many ways larger than life. During the 40 years in which he worked for D.C. Thomson and Co Ltd he drew 30 different comic characters. In addition he produced illustrations to the classics, drawings for religions handouts and landscapes in water-colours.

Some of the characters which Mr Watkins illustrated are of a particular Scottish interest, such as Oor Wullie and The Broons. Others including Desperate Dan, Snooty, Biffo and Ginger have acquired a wider more national reputation. Besides the works themselves, the exhibition will include life size characters, a cartoon-screen explaining the way in which comics are made and a special competition for children. The exhibition, which marks the 10th anniversary of the artists death will run until February 17th.

What's On - Cinema

Victoria - Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, James Mason
ABC - Coma - Michael Douglas
Odeon - The Hound of the Baskervilles - Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore