February 1979

Full Shelves and Still Down to Earth

City CentreEvaporated Milk (14½oz) - 22½p
Corned Beef (12oz) - 56p
Goblin Hamburgers (15½oz) - 35p
HP Beans (15½oz) - 12½p
Heinz Spaghetti (15oz) - 17p
Giant Fairy Liquid - 29½p
6 McVitie's Penguins - 25½p
Bottle Whyte & MacKay Whisky - £4.25
Templeton Supermarkets.

Glue Sniffing

Members of Lochee Community Council have this week been distributing leaflets in the area warning of the dangers of glue sniffing.

Top of the Form

Harris Academy won Dundee Districts final of Tayside Police "Top of the Form" contest beating Grove Academy. The Harris Team was Diane Cosgrove; Gideon Scott; Douglas Melville; Gordon McHardy.


Experienced, required for well maintained small garden, modern greenhouse, assistance given, good house and conditions. References essential.
Apply in writing to: Lady Nairn, Pitcarmick, Bridge of Cally, near Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Council By-Election

In the Ardler District Council By-Election Mr Ian Leggat (651 votes) retained the seat for labour. His opponent Mrs Morag Spence (S.N.P.) polled 390 votes. Mr Leggat was a member of the District Council from 1974-77 when he resigned to do academic studies.

Hot As -

To keep your feet warm in cold weather, sprinkle a little dry mustard on the inner soles of your shoes or socks.

Holidays and Day Trips

Dieppe - 8 days from £69
Rouen - weekend from £53
Motoring holidays / self catering packages
For further details and cost contact:
Tayside Travel Services, 70 High Street, Lochee, Tel 610457.

Long Wait

Tuesday was a bad day to have an accident in Dundee. The casualty department of the D.R.I. dealt with 130 cases, largely due to the icy pavements and roads, and queing up for treatment was inevitable. One woman who broke her arm in a fall at 11 am finally got home from hospital after plastering at 3 pm.

Chairman is not Worried

Dundee have heavier commitments than most as a full-time club operating in the first division, with a running cost of £4,000 per week. With nothing coming in at the turnstiles during the present shut-down the cash out-flow in that period must be close to £25,000. Lucrative fixtures against Arbroath, St Johnstone, Clyde and Clydebank have been postponed and will now go on in mid-week in the spring.

Dundee chairman Ian Gellatly takes a philosophical attitude. "These postponed games have to be played and there is always the possibility of attracting more folk in Spring". "If we supply the goods we will attract fans, its as simple as that".

What's On - Cinema

ABC Dundee
Now showing second week - Burt Reynolds
"Smokey and the Bandits"
1.34; 5.10; 8.45 (A)
Children must be accompanied to all evening performances.