October 1978

Blaze at Dundee Music Centre

High StreetFire severely damaged a room at the Dundee Accordion Music Centre at 23 Union Street at about 6 pm yesterday.

Police blocked off both ends of Union Street as fireman used an expanding snorkel tender to get at the third floor blaze.The fire spread from a kitchen area through the ceiling to unoccupied attic space above. The room at the heart of the blaze was gutted, but firemen prevented serious damage to the rest of the premises.

There was no one in the property at the time of the outbreak.

Stores Oppose Sunday Opening

The majority of retail stores in the central area of Dundee are not in favour of Sunday opening, even during the Christmas shopping period in December.

This is revealed in a survey carried out by the retail and wholesale section of Dundee and Tayside Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The general view appears to be that the same amount of business would be transacted whether or not there was Sunday opening.

The disadvantages from the administration staffing and overhead costs angles make the value of the exercise very doubtful.

Nevertheless, a few Dundee stores will open on Sundays in December some because they believe they will benefit financially and others only because they know their competitors will be open.

St John's High School Re-opens

The fire-damaged St John's High School re-opened on Tuesday, along with other schools, after the autumn holiday. Pupils are being taken to the former St Michael's School, in Graham Street, for lunches.

Shock Search at City Dance Hall

Patrons of Bloomers, the dance hall and discotheque in South Tay Street, have been surprised during the past week that they've been searched before being allowed inside.

People entering by the main door, or using the Stage Door Bar at the rear of the premises, have been asked whether or not they object to being searched.

The alternative is simple - if you don't agree then you're refused admission.

The search is for drugs. Murdo Wallace, owner of Bloomers said "it's purely and simply a precautionary measure. We had been given a tip-off that something was going to happen over last weekend. We actually caught two people on Thursday night with pills and a syringe and they were handed over to the police. We then decided to search people coming into the premises from the Friday night onwards".

Mouth-Watering Demo

"Cooking with a Difference" was the title of the cookery demo given by international chef M. Jean Delaunay in the Queen's Hotel, Dundee, last night.

The "difference" was the use of liberal quantities of Grand Marnier liqueur in the preparation of a number of main dishes and sweets.

M. Delaunay also showed examples of the art of sugar pulling.

Bright Bulb

To clean electric bulbs, use methylated spirits instead of water. There is then no danger of dampness getting onto the fixtures, as the spirits evaporate quickly.

Fly Tie

I'm having some embarassing problems with a clip-on tie I received as a present. It is attached to the shirt by a small spring clip.

The problem occurs when, after I lean over at a certain angle, the spring detaches itself and sends the tie shooting into space.

An example of the embarassment this can cause - at a friend's party I was introduced to one of the other guests and as I leant over to shake hands - twang! My flying tie nearly hit him in the face.

Grocer's Shop in Museum

Dundee Museum is to put on a permanent display of a grocer's shop to complement the existing old public bar.

The new display will deal with food and drink traders in Dundee, from the Victorian period until World War II.

At present the shop framework for the display exists, together with some items of stock.

In addition to the reconstruction of the old shop, the museum is also interested in information or material related to the local street traders who sold food and drink. Not just the well-known buster stalls, but also those who provided fish buckies, ice creams etc.


The performance given by the Boomtown Rats in the Caird Hall was one of the best I have ever seen.

Their stage presence, sound balance, instrumental playing, lighting effects and over-all presentation, were outstanding.

And, despite the presence of a large number of people decked out in all the latest punk fashion, there is no way that The Rats could be described as a punk band.

Robert Halpern, Master Hypnotist

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