June 1978

Ouch! Who Put That There?

Busy shopsTayside Region's parking meters may soon be hurting Dundee motorists in the pocket. But the "Journal" has heard of the meters already causing pain - in a physical way.

The pay and display ticket slot machines have been installed on pavements in the town centre. Any they're proving a hazard to children.Within a couple of days the "Journal" heard of incidents of young heads bumping against the machines.

The machines are suspended on stanchions and project over the pavement. Clearly enough seen by adults, but because they are three feet off the ground, not so obvious to children.

The "Journal" contacted Tayside Region's Roads Department this week who are now giving the matter their immediate attention.

Lorne Street's Popular Market

Five years ago a big new development took place at Lorne Street, Lochee, with the opening of the market, and since then it has proved to be very popular with shoppers.

Although only open for a few days each week, it can pull in more than 10,000 customers in that time, the majority at the weekends.

For World Cup Souvenirs

We stock the official SFA t-shirts plus scarves, badges, patches, also Ally's tartan army shirts and Scotland raintops.
Alex Smith's, Commercial Street & High Street, Lochee.

No Grooves on New Video LP

For the home that has everything entertainment has to offer, the next buy will be the video long playing system. Basically it is a long-playing record system with pictures. The sound can be linked to ordinary stereo speakers or to the TV set itself.

The programme is contained of a special vinyl disc the size on an LP but there are no grooves. A magic eye takes over from the stylus with a laser-like beam scanning the record.

When does this miracle happen?

The USA is to have the new status symbol first, and it is anticipated that one in ten homes will have one within 10 years. Europe could see the VLP in 1980. Price? Initially around £300, discs around £5 each.

Perhaps it will not be long before our home movies can be "printed" on the new LPs and we can bore our friends and neighbours with our own special TV shows.


The unemployed figure for Dundee this month is 8554, an increase of 596 on May. The rise is mainly due to school leavers seeking work.

Lovely Gloss

To clean vinyl or PVC shoes or handbags, rub with cloth dipped in milk, then shine up with a soft duster. Gives a lovely, lasting gloss.

School Trip

Over 900 pupils from Tayside schools left on Monday on a cruise on the Uganda which will take in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madeira and Corunna.

Z Cars is Back

"Z Cars" which started on BBC 1 in January 1962 returns this week, for a final run of thirteen new stories. James Ellis, who has played the part of Lynch since the very first episode, and Douglas Fielding, who joined the service as Quilley in 1969, are featured in the first story.

Kingsway Tech's Open Day

This coming week will be a busy one at Kingsway Technical College - as it holds its first ever open day on Tuesday. Activities on display at the College cover a wide range:

    * the hairdressing department will have a salon open as well as a display of work
    * the art section will show work by both students and staff
    * the electronics lab will include moving displays and visitors will have a chance to see round here as well as the mechanical, motor vehicle and welding workshops
    * the greenhouses and grounds will be open to show the scope of activity for students of horticulture
    * the building workshop complex will give examples of the various trades
    * in the food trades department some students will prepare a classical French meal

What's On Tonight - Cinema

ABC - Saturday Night Fever
Odeon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Victoria - The Choirboys