August 1978

Changing Face of the Overgate Centre

OvergateThe Overgate Shopping Centre must be one of the most changed places in the city over the past few months.

With the opening of the Wellgate Centre the hub of shopping seems to have moved towards the Murraygate.Yet traders in the Overgate seem quite happy - several state sales are up on last year.

Despite this, there are at least a ½ dozen empty units in the complex.

What seems to be happening in the Overgate is that its become a specialised area. A quick glance at the type of shops bears this out. Furniture stores, boutiques and TV rental shops dominate this area, with a few D.I.Y. and paint shops also in evidence.

If the specialised nature is maintained then the Overgate could become an important feature of Dundee's shopping facilities.

Old Scenes Come to Life

The substantial stairwell and upper hallway at the City Chambers are presently undergoing redecoration.

Tearing off the old wallpaper has revealed murals which have much interested the newer councillors.

Around the walls at the top of the staircase have been revealed scenes of industrial Dundee. They show people at work in Dundee's various trades.

One striking depiction seems to have been painted looking downriver from the offices of the Caledon Shipyard.

Some councillors are of the opinion that the murals should never have been covered up. But they are now so badly faded that such would seem to be their only fate again.

Three Months' Free Viewing

When you rent a new colour television
on our annual plan at Lowdons, Whitehall Crescent, Dundee

Back to School

Budgeting for back to school?
Let McGill's solve all your problems
with a special schoolwear account
12 months to pay
for all schoolwear requirements value £20 or over
Clothing, footwear, sportswear
Only 7½% service charge
No service charge if paid within six months
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Dundee Horticultural Society

Annual Flower Show
Ice Rink, Kingsway
Friday and Saturday, Sept 1 and 2
Open: Friday, 2 - 10 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm
Owing to alterations please enter at the rear of the Rink, by the Centre door

Price of Albums Goes up 61 pence

I got back from holiday this week to find that the humble LP has gone up from £3.79 to £4.40. And for those who are trying to build up a singles collection, the news from E.M.I. is just as daunting - their singles are now priced at 90 pence.

The percentage price rise for the albums works out at 16% - and I thought inflation in the country was into single figures!

Our Slot in Life!

The recent introduction of parking meters to Dundee's city centre has meant more than just having to pay for street parking.

It means yet another machine for which people have to find the correct change.

We all know that we're living in a technological age, but do we realise that it's rapidly becoming a coin-operated age?

Take an average day for someone working in the city.

In our own homes we sit down to breakfast cooked by gas or electricity, supplied sometimes by putting money in a meter.

A bus into town? We'll almost certainly need the exact fare or have to pay over the odds.

Taking the car? All right until we need to park and find the change for the meter or the ticket machine in the car park.

Fancy a cup of coffee or perhaps a sandwich at lunchtime? In many factories and offices there are vending machines that require exact coinage for their operation.

And the cigarette machines will take our 50 p piece - if we happen to have one. Even the old phrase "I'm going to spend a penny" is becoming antiquated with 2 p pieces required for many public toilets.

And on top of all this we have to make sure that we've enough change for the bus fare home.

But it doesn't even stop there.

Take entertainment. A game of tennis or bowls in a public park means that we have to buy a ticket. That's only 20 p for a day - provided we have two 10 p pieces for the machine.

Pool tables and one-armed bandits also take away loose change.

Go home and watch TV and again, in some cases, we need a coin before the screen comes to life.

If you don't like washing clothes at home the launderette will do the job - again with the assistance of the necessary coinage.

The £1 coin, instead of the present notes, has been discussed with the Isle of Man seriously considering the idea.

If that ever happens, mens pockets and ladies purses will soon become worn out and will have to be replaced.

Provided, of course, that they aren't being dispensed from machines by that time!

Small Tarts

For different filling for small tarts drop a little jam on the pastry and put a marshmallow on top. The marshmallow melts into the jam.

Quick Heat

To kindle your fire easily plug in your electric hair dryer and hold in front of the fire. Acts as a bellows and never fails.

New Classes Starting Now

Star Ballroom, Burnside Street, Lochee
Bob and Betty Barty
Dundee's leading teachers and demonstrators, championship organisers
Monday - adult beginners
Tuesday - Saturday Night Fever, dancing and rock class
Wednesday - adult practice class
Saturday morning - juniors and juveniles
Saturday evening - ballroom dancing

What's On Tonight - Cinema

    * Victoria - Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
    * Odeon - Pinocchio
    * ABC - International Velvet
    * Regal - Bambi