September 1979

Rail to Road Bridge Swim

Blackness LibraryThe annual Tay Rail Bridge to Road Bridge swim was won by Billy McGoldrick (17) in 21 minutes 6 seconds. Bruce Benning was second and Bruce Beckett third. First lady was Mary Yeats, second was Barbara Yeats and third Beverley Manson.

It's An Ill Wind

The bomb scare that closed the busy Wellgate Centre on Monday for over four hours was something of an ill wind. Apart from the upheaval and distress that it caused, thousands of pounds worth of trading was lost by the firms whose premises are in the centre.

And yet there were some benefits. Small shopkeepers, pubs and other businesses around the centre were doing a roaring trade for most of the lunchtime and early afternoon period. Their customers were those who normally frequent the Wellgate Centre premises.

The "bomb" turned out to be an alarm clock elaborately tied up in a parcel. An army team from Edinburgh was called through to deal with it.

Is the "green man" confusing motorists?
What's one of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in Dundee? According to quite a number of "Journal" readers it's the junction of Union Street and Nethergate.

"This is a very busy junction, especially at peak periods when commuters come into town from the station", said one person.

"Although the traffic light system seems adequate many drivers either ignore it or can't seem to understand that a red light means they have to stop!" A Journal reporter stood at the junction one morning this week and found that several motorists drove through the Nethergate crossing, even when pedestrians had the right of way.

Pennywise Star Buys

Wilkinson Sword Blades - 29 p
Yves Moulin Talc - 36 p
Hai-Karate Gift Sets - £1.39
Right Guard - 59 p
Pennywise Bargain Store, Wellgate Market Hall, Dundee

Filming of Mastermind

Two editions of "Mastermind", the BBC television quiz programme hosted by Magnus Magnusson, will be filmed in Dundee's Bonar Hall on Wednesday evening.

Working Mat

An ideal kneeling mat for gardening or housework can be made by stitching an old cushion into strong polythene. Keeps dry and is easily wiped clean.

Costly Cup of Coffee

The price of a cup of coffee has been a sore point for a year or two now, but lately it has gone beyond the point where it even makes sense.

The worst example to date comes from a colleague who was charged 23 pence in Princes Street, Edinburgh. And it wasn't even very good coffee, he tells me. On top of that it was served in a cardboard cup with folding down handles.

Just to remind you - in old money that would have cost him about 4s 6d. A far cry from wartime when a steaming mug of delicious coffee set you back a mere old-fashioned penny.

Buzzcocks Keep Prices Down

Tickets for forthcoming Caird Hall concerts went on sale this week.
Gallagher and Lyle, tickets £4.50, £4, £3.25 - Nov 8th
Max Boyce, £4.50, £3.50, £2.50 - Nov 10th

Best value of the lot, to my mind, are the tickets for the Buzzcocks' concert on October 8th. You can see them for either £2.50, £3 or £1.50.

An Album or Two

Peter Frampton - Where I should Be
Eddie Cochran - The Eddie Cochran Singles Album
The Rubinoos - Back to the Drawing Board
The Floaters - Into the Future
Jim Capaldi - Electric Nights

What's On Tonight - Cinema

ABC - The Champ / Watership Down
Vic - The Deer Hunter
Regal - The Lady Vanishes
Odeon - The China Syndrome