August 1979

By Gum, What a Size

City SquareThe finals of the playtime competitions run by Dundee District Council in the parks throughout the summer attracted a large crowd of children to the Caird Hall. They'd come along to support the boys and girls who'd been successful in the heats and there was much cheering when the different parks were announced.

There were five contests:- a talent competition, queen and princess titles and a bubblegum-blowing effort. Stuart Brown was the winner of the bubblegum-blowing competition.

Shirley Carrie, Janice Crockatt and Lynne Craig, the dancing clowns won the Baxter Park Heat. Dancing their way to the top were Christine McCabe and Donna Mitchell. They not only won their heat at Dudhope Park but also the final in the Caird Hall.

A lively duet gained second place in the final, they were also the winners of the Castle Green heat - Gillian Clark and Hazel Thomson. Alison Whittie was winner of the Whitfield heat and third in the final.

Farewell, Arthur

Farewells are normally highly-emotional affairs and the final appearance of Arthur Spink at Dundee's Whitehall Theatre on Wednesday evening before his departure for Australia was no exception.

Not a few tears were shed by members of the almost-capacity audience who'd come to pay homage to one of Dundee's most-talented sons.

The last performance of "The Bonnie Scotland Show", in which Arthur has been top-lining with his great pal, Dennis Clancy, saw a coming-together of some of the city's leading lights in show business.

Arthur himself appeared to be unaffected by all the tributes and played with his usual aplomb the type of music which has made him just about the top most accordion artiste in this country.

In his solo spot, accompanied on drums by Jack Cooper, he switched with ease from the rousing Scots numbers like "Kilworth Hills" to the intricacies of a Spanish medley.

Early Evacuation

The Royal Hotel, Union Street was evacuated early on Monday morning when fire broke out in a crockery cupboard. The 42 guests were taken to the Tay Hotel, Whitehall Crescent, to spend the rest of the night. Apart from the cupboard there was little damage.

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Certificate of Commendation

For organising last year's Dundee Festival the Junior Chamber were awarded a Certificate of Commendation in the British Tourist Authority's Come to Britain Competition, and it was presented at a ceremony in London this week.

A Lot of Tourists

Over 123,000 overseas tourists visited Tayside last year and they spent an estimated £11 million. These figures were given by the region's Department of Recreation and Tourism. Foreign visitors also spent 900,000 nights at hotels and boarding houses.

On Cruises to the City

The passenger liner Uganda left Dundee harbour on Monday night after her 4th and last trip to Dundee this year. She disembarked 1,123 passengers before sailing for Tilbury. This year has been a healthy one for the harbour as far as cruise traffic is concerned. On her visits to the port, Uganda has handled 6,600 passengers and other visiting liners increased that total to the 8,000 mark.


Don't throw away old pyjamas or shirts. They come in handy when you're painting the house.

Great News for Cinemagoers

ABC 1 & 2, Dundee Seagate now open
Watership Down - Cinema 1
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Cinema 2
Now two cinemas under one roof.

What's On Tonight

Victoria - Odds and Evens
Odeon - Moonraker
Whitehall - Tom and Jack's 21st Annual Show