October 1979

Tall Chimney is Losing Height

OvergateA 220 ft high chimney, which has stood as part of the Dundee skyline for almost a century, is slowly being lowered in a tricky operation.

The chimney, part of Caldrum Works, St Salvador Street, had become dangerous over the past few years and was starting to crumble.

The task of partly demolished it has been undertaken by Mckay Steeplejacks, Glasgow. The plan is not to totally destroy the chimney, but reduce its height by 50 feet. The brick-built monument to Dundee's past is being taken down brick by brick.

Tragic Train Crash at Invergowrie

A public inquiry by the Inspecting Officer of Railways will follow British Rail's internal inquiry into Monday's train crash at Invergowrie.

Four people were killed and fifty-one injured when the 9.35 am Glasgow to Aberdeen express smashed into the rear of the 8.44 am Glasgow to Dundee train which had broken down beside Invergowrie Bay, ten minutes earlier.

Modernisation Work

Because of a strike by plumbers in the Public Works Department, modernisation work on 180 Council houses in the Court Street / Clepington Road / Sandeman Street scheme may have to be halted. The plumbers want parity with men employed by private firms.

Out of the Ordinary

The Girls
Jersey Jumpsuits £32
Crushed velvet dresses £30 - 45
Pencil Skirt Suits £27.99 - 45
Stretchy silk-like trousers £13.99
The Boys
Mod "pork-pie" hats £9.99
Mod symmetrical t-shirts £8.99
Peg-leg jeans £13.99
Mod pin-bar shirts £13.00 - 16.99
Fred Perry's £5.99

Torrential Rain

Rain lashed Dundee yesterday (Thursday), causing widespread flooding of houses, businesses and roads in and around the city. More than a million tons of water poured down on the district. Tayside's Water Services' Department were inundated with phone calls from flood victims and teams were out all over the city dealing with the many emergencies.

Different Flavour

Use sage and onion stuffing or raw porridge oats as a substitute for breadcrumbs when coating joints or pork strips. The flavour is deliciously different.

Ballpoint Marks

To remove ballpoint pen marks from doors, put toothpaste on a damp cloth and apply to the ink. After a few wipes, the marks will come off. Also useful for removing ink from fingers.

NCR Swimmers Start with a Win

The NCR swim team have won their first contest in America. They defeated a team from Atlanta, Georgia, by 149 points to 117.

The young folk have been touring Washington and have seen all the sights - the Pentagon, the Senate, the White House, the FBI buildings, Arlington Cemetery, President Kennedy's grave - and they have been very well looked after by the local people.

What's On - Cinema

Victoria - Towering Inferno
ABC - The Warriors and The Main Event
Odeon - Alien
Regal - The Boys from Brazil

Roadshow Disco

Dundee's City Square is to be used as a site for BBC TV's new teenage programme "Roadshow Disco". The programme, which stars singer Linda Lewis and Jon Eden, is to visit the city between November 18th and 23rd.