December 1979

A Morgan Calendar

MurraygateThe pupils of Morgan Academy, Dundee, have brought out their very own 1980 calendar.

Consisting of 12 of the pupils' drawings of city scenes, the calendar has been completely produced within the school.

The fairly unusual drawings are the work of eleven 5th and 6th year pupils and one on 2nd year.

The calendars, 450 of which have been produced, will be on sale from the school for 60 pence each, 10 pence of which will go to the United Nationals Children's Fund.

Take Over

The Dundee greeting card company of Andrew Valentine Holdings Ltd., has been taken over by Ziff Corporation of New York. Andrew Valentine, who started the company in 1970, said it was hoped the move would lead to expansion.

Seeing the Light

The new illuminated poles on some of Dundee's zebra crossings could prove to be real life-savers.

A colleague mentions particularly the one at the top of Pitkerro Road just north of Mid Craigie circle.

Formerly it was very difficult on a dreich winter's night to see a wee lad in dark jeans and a dark-coloured anorak with the hood pulled up. Now he stands out in the reflected glow from the pole.

During the day the pole looks like the normal ones at zevra crossings - but at night, the white "stripe" is illuminated from within.

All I Want for Christmas

At this time of year there's only one thing on the minds of many people - Christmas presents. The "Journal" asked some Primary 2 pupils at Glebelands Primary about Christmas shopping and they were only too keen to speak about presents.

Billy Weir - I like Christmas and I like presents too. I would like a garage but I don't know what I'm getting. I've got some cars but I would like some more. On Christmas Day I'll play with my toys and watch the television. Last year the "Wizard of Oz" was on - maybe it'll be on again this year!

Gillian Gow - I would like a rocking cot. I've already got one, but I've got a new doll so she needs a cot. I would like a Wendy house and some more dollies. I won't play with my dollies of Christmas and I won't eat sweets, but I like pulling crackers. I would like a necklace and ring in one this time.

Mark Dodd - I don't know what I'm going to get but I want a gun - a machine gun. Sometimes I'm sick with eating sweets, but I'll still eat them on Christmas Day. I watch television, too, the Queen is on in the afternoon.

Catherine Stein - I don't know what I want, maybe a dolly. I've got lots of dollies but I would like more. I don't have a present for my mummy. I asked her what she wanted but she didn't know. I think I know what she wants, but I won't tell you because it won't be a surprise.

Yvonne Catto - I would like a Sindy doll but I think I'm getting Sindy pyjamas. They're what Sindy wears at night. I'm giving my little friend Alan a present, my mummy got it and it's from all of us. My mummy always buys presents and my gran lives with us on Christmas Day. My gran doesn't get any presents at Christmas but I might buy her something.

Bryan Scott - I think I'll get lots of presents, but I don't know what, anything will do. We will take down our Christmas tree a few days after Christmas. On Christmas Day I think I'll play with my toys for a while and watch the television. There's good things on the relevision to watch when you're not playing. We get a dinner on Christmas Day too.

Kraft Fayre Success

The Kristmas Kraft Fayre organised by Miss Trixie Thomson in the Invercarse Hotel, Dundee, was the most successful to date.

It attracted 1,700 visitors and raised £900 for the Red Cross.

The idea behind the Fayre, sparked off by a hobbyists' get-together in Montrose six years ago, is to promote small craftspeople who cannot afford to exhibit at larger trade fairs.

No Streaks

After icing a round cake, smear the knife with margarine and go round the edge. This keeps the icing from running down the sides of the cake.

Locations of Police Boxes

When I started wondering how many police boxes remained in the city, I was able to call to mind the locations of five.

However, an inquiry at Tayside Police H.Q. revealed that there are in fact, 16 of these Tardis-type structures still standing, although fewer than 10 are in use. And, with modernisation of the city force, that number will drop further as custom-built suburban "sub-stations" go up.

The full list of boxes is: Macalpine Road, at St Kilda Road; Blackness Road, at Ure Street; Hawkhill, at Seabraes; Milnbank Road; Tullideph Road, at Lochee Road; King's Cross Road; Strathmartine Road, at Clepington; Blackscroft, at Peep O'Day Lane; Glenconnor Drive, at Pitkerro Road; Balunie Avenue, at Balmerino Road; High Street, at Seagate; Sugarhouse Wynd; Magdalen Yard Road, at the Riverside Approach; Monifieth Road, Broughty Ferry, opposite Reres Park.

Talent Contest Final Features Five Bands

Tonight (Friday) sees the culmination of weeks of heats with the final of the Marketgait Marvels Talent Contest.

The final, which takes place in the Dundee College of Technology Union, begins at 8 pm and features five bands.

A £1 entrance charge will be levied to cover costs, but for five live bands I reckon that's very cheap indeed.

The bands are Colussus and Friction from Dundee, The Distorts from Fife, and Legal Aid and Lipstick, from Bathgate.

Stocking up for Christmas

With just over three weeks until Christmas, the expected rush to the shops for presents hasn't materialised so far. Have people been buying them gradually or will it be a lst-minute effort for most this year? The "Journal" asked some shopkeepers for their views

Ian Bonar, I & N Records, Crichton Street

Things have been picking up over the last week. Normally, in the record trade, the rush comes very late because there are still a lot of new releases to come out over the next few weeks. It always seems late but the rush always comes just a couple of weeks before Christmas. I think we'll get into full swing around the second week in December.

Laura Stewart, Mr Beaujangles, Wellgate

We've been finding the past few Saturdays a lot busier. I think this week should see the start of the Christmas rush - we're already busier than we were at this time last year. I expect we'll be very busy this Saturday and be going full-out from then on.

Ian Gow, Peter Dominic, Wellgate

Christmas is gradually overtaking New Year as our busiest period. There's still a big swing to natural wines so our wine business is doing a lot better than I expected. Business has been steady but I still think there will be the usual rush later on, with people buying their Christmas and New Year drink all at once.

Jim Stewart, Bruce's Record Shop, Wellgate

We've been mobbed recently, especially the past few Saturdays. Since we moved from Reform Street our business has trebled, so we're well up on this time last year. I think people have started shopping a bit earlier this year. The weekends, especially, have been incredible recently.

What's On Tonight - Cinema

Odeon - Love at First Bite
ABC - Prophecy / Quadrophenia
Regal - The Deer Hunter
Victoria - Escape to Athena