May 1979

Much-needed Boost

MurraygateThe opening of the new Steps Film Theatre has given the city's somewhat sparse cultural assets a much-needed boost and has already shown itself to be more than welcomed by Dundee people.

On the first night it was packed to the brim, with many people turned away.

The theatre has given residents a chance to see films that would not normally be shown in the city.

Let's hope that, with the coming of the second Dundee festival in the summer, it will be included in the programme, providing the city's first film festival.


The entire workforce of 800 at Robb Caledon Shipbuilders Ltd., Dundee went on strike on Wednesday in protest over the form's refusal to provide a safety boat for men working on the hulls of two vessels. The men say this is necessary because of the bulky clothing worn, but the firm say there is no need as the men have a safety harness. The men returned to work last night.

Wellgate's New Market Hall

Another milestone in the short history of the Wellgate Centre was reached yesterday with the opening of the new Market Hall.

Within its 30,000 square feet shoppers will find 63 units selling such diverse goods as fresh meat, keys, flowers and car parts.

The Great Dundee Goldrush

At the newest, most exciting jeweller in town
Gemini, priceless jewellery for less the price
Market Hall, Wellgate Centre.


The Dundee drama group formed only last year, was runner-up in the national finals of the Scottish Community Drama Association competition at Greenock. Its one-act play, "Mill Hill", was performed by Ethel Sharp, Larry Young and Gordon Burnside. The winners were Tryst Theatre.

Coffee Creams

Take one egg white, 12 oz icing sugar, 1 tbsp coffee essence whisk the egg white in a bowl until frothy, then stir in half the icing sugar, one tbsp at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in the coffee essence, then gradually beat in the remaining icing sugar.

Roll the mixture out to 1" thickness on a board well coated with icing sugar. Cut into rounds, then arrange on a baking sheet to dry overnight. Serve either as they are or sandwiched with chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate buttercream - cream 2 oz butter, then gradually beat in 1½oz sifted icing sugar and ½oz sifted cocoa. Sandwich coffee creams together with the buttercream.

Bless 'Em

An infant mistress told me this story

"My mummy's got a new baby boy", announced Miss five-year-old importantly.
"What's he called?" asked the teacher.
"Spot" was the reply.
"That's an unusual name", was the comment.
A while later, Fiona put her hand up, "please Miss, I told you wrong. My wee brother's not Spot, he's Mark".

Bright Fire

When the imitation coal in the electric fire looks grey, paint lightly with a dissolved cube of blackcurrant jelly. Let it dry and the "fire" will be black and shiny again.

An album or Two

Fatback - Brite lites, big city
Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
Sparks - No. 1 in heaven
Magazine - Second-hand daylight
Supertramp - Breakfast in America
Roxy Music - Manifesto

What's On

Whitehall Theatre - Odd Man In - Lionel Blair and Colin Baker
The Rep - 10 Minute Alibi - Anthony Armstrong
Victoria - The One and Only - Henry Winkler
Odeon - The First Great Train Robbery - Sylvester Stallone