July 1979

£250,000 Damage

ShopsFire caused £250,000 damage to the Stewart's Cream of the Barley whisky complex in Kingsway East on Wednesday afternoon. Seventy fireman from ten units confined the outbreak to a duty-paid warehouse containing 2,000 gallons of whisky. The warehouse also contained power plant equipment, bottling and packaging equipment, cartons, bottles and caps, and the telephone exchange. At the height of the blaze flames were leaping 100 feet in the air and a thick column of smoke, rising several hundred feet, could be seen from all over the city. The Managing Director said he didn't think production would be greatly affected by the blaze.


Timex have paid off 35 female night shift workers who had been taken on to deal with seasonal demand. But the firm denied rumours that a large number of the workforce is to be made redundant.

Quicker Way

When a recipe says "chop walnuts", use a rolling pin on them. Quick and effective.

Fyffe's Coach Tours

Depart from North Lindsay Street
Travel in 1979 at 1978 prices with the company who have kept the prices down

Saturday July 21st
Edinburgh, 5 hour stay - £1.35
Braemar and Devil's Elbow - £1.25
Monday July 23rd
Inverness, 4 hour stay - £2.50
Aberdeen, 5 hour stay - £1.50
Wednesday July 25th
Oban - £2.45
Safari Park - £1.45
Friday July 27th
Braemar, Aberdeen, Stonehaven - £2.05
Falls of Bruar, Salmon Leap, Pitlochry

Holiday of a Lifetime

11 year old Iain Clark, Whitfield Avenue at the weekend flew from Aberdeen on the first stage of the holiday of a lifetime. He was one of a dozen youngsters spending two weeks in Russia as guests of the USSR equivalent of the National Union of Seamen.

Dicing with Death

One new type of car interior mascot puzzles a Dundee man. It's a large fabric dice often seen hanging from rear-view mirrors or other parts inside the car. With road accident figures as high as they are, does it mean the drivers realise they are dicing with death every time they go out? he asks.

Not Really

Low's, the newsagent/sports shop at the top of the Hilltown, has unfortunately lost one of the letters from its shop's front name. Instead of reading "Low's for Sports", it now reads "Low's for Spots". The shop also sells sweets.

Didn't They Do Well

NCR swimmers Doug Campbell, Paul Marshall, Willie McGouldrick and Maureen Campbell helped Scotland to third place in the eight-nations swimming competition in Belgium.

Paul Marshall was first in the men's 100 metres back stroke with a time of 1 minute 9 seconds.

Maureen Campbell came first in the women's 200 metres back stroke in 2 minutes 44.82 seconds.

William McGouldrick was sixth in the men's 200 metres medley and Doug Campbell was third in the men's 200 metres freestyle.

What's On TV - Saturday Night

6.20 pm, Juke Box Jury
6.50 pm, Saturday Night at the Movies
8.15 pm, The Lenny and Jerry Show
9.00 pm, Sword of Justice

5.30 pm, Mork and Mindy
6.00 pm, The Masterspy
6.45 pm, How the West was won
8.30 pm, Celebrity Squares
9.00 pm, Policewoman

At the Cinema

Odeon - The Thief of Baghdad or Spiderman Strikes Back
Dundee Ice Rink - Bugs Bunny in Space
Whitehall Theatre - Bonnie Scotland Show