November 1933

Balgay Hill Observatory – Finishing Touches

DownfieldThe Mills Observatory on Balgay Hill is now practically completed and it is expected that the public will be admitted before the end of the year. The finishing touches are being carried out on the building itself and next week work will be commenced on the laying out of the ground in the immediate vicinity of the Observatory.A telescope weighing three tons has already been installed. It is mounted on a massive pillar, which stands in the centre of the building. This huge instrument has been raised to extend right into the centre of the massive dome. Two smaller telescopes have also been installed, and any additional instruments which are to be added have yet to be decided on. In this connection, the advice of Dr Samson, of the Royal Scottish Observatory, Edinburgh has been sought.

The telescopes have been purchased from the optical works of Sir Howard Grubb, Parson and Company, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The large one will be reserved for astronomical purposes, while the smaller ones are for viewing the surrounding countryside.

The ground in the immediate vicinity of the Observatory is to laid out in crazy paving, it is expected that this work will be commence next week and that it will be completed within a month.

No decision has yet been reached regarding the control of the Observatory, but it is anticipated that the Town Council will be asked to take charge of the building once it is completed. A curator is yet to appointed and the prices of admission fixed.

The local contractors responsible for the erection of the Observatory are to be congratulated on their efficiency and thoroughness. The feature of the building is undoubtedly the copula, which is green in colour, constructed of compressed papier mache. It revolves on rollers so that its opening can be adjusted to catch the sun, moon or stars at any angle. Other facilities provided include a lecture theatre and a dark room.

The exact opening date has not yet been fixed, but Dundonians can rest assured that they will have plenty of opportunity to indulge in advanced “stargazing” in the near future.

Little Milk Rolls

Try these for a change, Mrs J Giles, Paisley speaks very highly of them.
Hot or cold, these are equally good. Half pound of flour, 2oz margarine, a good pinch of salt, a teaspoonful of baking powder and milk to mix.

Mix the flour, salt and baking powder and sieve it. Rub in lightly the margarine, then add enough milk to make a stiff dough. Form into little balls, put on a hot tin and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes. Just before they are done brush over with a little milk.

Attraction at Broughty – Opening Castle to Visitors

Efforts are being made to have Broughty Castle opened for public inspection during a period of summer time. With acquisition of the Castle Green, the Broughty people feel that and inspection of the castle now and again would be of interest to visitor.

The pulling of the proper strings to bring this about have been undertaken by Bailie Gillies, and he recounted the facts of the case to his audience in the Good Templar Hall on Thursday. When down South some time ago he was in touch with Miss Florence Horsburgh on the subject, and she placed the matter before the proper quarter of the War Office. There was the usual red tape, and the answer was received that the ground was not yet surplus.

There is hope that yet the castle may be taken over by the Board of Ancient Monuments, and will become a vantage point for visitors viewing the river.

Dundee United F.C. Finances

The financial affairs of Dundee United Football Club were again under consideration at a meeting of debenture holders and directors held in the Mathers Hotel yesterday afternoon. The purpose of the meeting was to approve of the transfer of a sum of £369 at the credit of the debenture account to enable the club to carry on for the meantime, pending possible reconstruction.

The meeting was attended by a number of debenture holders and directors of the club, Mr E.S. Robertson (chairman), Mr Boyd Carnegie and Mr David Halley. Mr William Hutchison, former chairman and a trustee for the debenture holders, was in the chair.

The necessary 75 per cent consent of the debenture holders to the transfer of the money was forthcoming, and this will enable Dundee United to carry on. It is understood that a committee of debenture holders has been formed to confer with directors and the trustees on the question of reconstruction.

Largest Visitor to the Tay

A luxury liner, which will be the largest vessel that has ever entered the Tay, is to visit Dundee next summer. The Blue Star Line has arranged for the 14,700-ton Arandora Star to anchor in the Tay to embark passengers for Iceland, Spitzbergen and the Norwegian Fjords.

The Arandora Star will leave London on Saturday July 14 and call at Dundee the following day – probably late in the evening. Embarkation at Dundee will be carried out by means of a Tay Ferries’ Steamer. Fares for the 30 days cruise range from 30 guineas upwards.

Although scheduled for 12 cruises next year, the Arandora Star’s Dundee call will be her only visit to Scottish waters. The local agents for the Blue Star Line are Mackay Brothers, Whitehall Crescent and the Leslie Shipping Company, 62, Seagate.

Dundee Choir Broadcasts

Dundee Gaelic Choir were “on air” on Wednesday night. The were broadcasting form the Edinburgh BBC Station for an hour. The choir, under the leadership of Mr D.K. Patrick, carried on the Scottish Regional programme from seven to eight o’clock beautifully balanced singers – 50 strong-rendered a selection of concerted numbers that “came over” with telling effect. The choir were assisted in their broadcast by Mr Antony Baldwin, the well-known Dundee pianist.

New Player at Tannadice

Dundee United F.C signed John Herbert of East Fife, last night. He will occupy the position against Alloa at Tannadice Park this afternoon.

Roller-Skating Rink for Dundee

Dundee’s need for a roller-skating rink is to be satisfied. A well-known Dundee garage has been leased and the work of laying down the skating floor began yesterday afternoon. Negotiations for the lease of the premises at 41 Ward Road, formerly occupied by Thomas Shaw (Dundee), Ltd., to the Scottish Midget Golf Company was completed yesterday.

It is hoped that the new premises will be opened towards the end of next week, probably on Thursday or Friday. The assessed rental is £350 annually while there is no feu duty. A buffet, cloakroom etc will be installed by the lessees.