August 1933

Heat Wave Returns

Ward RoadWith characteristic suddenness the heat wave returned on Thursday. By late afternoon the temperature in Dundee had again shot above the 80 mark and almost without realising it, Dundee people were back within a few degrees of the record heat of last month. The max on Thursday was 81 degrees. beyond wiping their foreheads however, Dundonians let the event pass without notice. There was no return to the sartorial unorthodoxy of last month when large numbers took advantage of the facilities offered by the public swimming baths and there was a big exodus to Broughty Ferry beach.

Slum Clearances in Dundee

The Scottish Office in London announces that following upon their circular to local authorities regarding slum clearances, there has been considerable activity during the last month.

Dundee is completing a programme of 536 houses for 1932-33. At present the housing department is busy with plans for a scheme for 500 more slum clearance houses. Dundee has demolished about 500 houses in the last three years. On the sites of some of these houses the town council have already finished new blocks, the remainder being left as open spaces. There are 34 slum clearances areas of properties in the city which are being dealt with and it is hoped soon to have a further batch scheduled.

Now Open - Dundee Corporation Art Galleries

Pictures of the Scottish Modern Arts Association.
The exhibition consists of 77 pictures in oils and watercolours and 6 bronzes and will be shown until September 10th. Entrance by Museum door during usual hours. Catalogues 1d. Admission free.

The recently painted portrait of HRH Princess Elizabeth of York will be on view courtesy of the artist, Mr Philip de Laszlo, until 20th August.

"Chapper-Up" Wanted

Someone in the east end of Dundee has been seeking the aid of the "Telegraph and Post" advertising columns to secure the services of a knocker-up for 3am. It was thought that the art of the "chapper-up" as he was called in popular parlance, might be a lost one among the present generation. Up to Tuesday, however, nine replies had been received from people willing to undertake this semi nocturnal duty.

Tay Long Distance Swim

There are ten entrants  - one lady and nine men - for the Midlands Tay long distance championship, which is being promoted by West End Open-Air Bathers today.

The event is timed for 3.30pm and is over a two-mile course, starting from the end of the Esplanade extension and finishig at the Corinthians boating sheds.

Extension to City Jute Works

The improvement which has set in in the jute trade is reflected in the fact that a considerable extension is to be made to the factory at 42, West Henderson's Wynd, belonging to South Anchor Jute Works Ltd., Dundee. The addition to the premises will be designed to accommodate 50 more looms and when these are put into operation there will be employment for about 100 more workers.

South Anchor Works was formerly owned by D McMaster and Co., Spinners. The factory was acquired about a year ago by South Anchor Jute Works (Dundee) Ltd., of which Mr J.A. Galloway, a Tayport man is Managing Director.

Jehovah's Witness Lecture

Judge Rutherford will lecture in the Jute and Flax workers' halls, 69, Nethergae on Sunday 1st, 13th August at 6.30pm by means of Electrical Transcripts. Subject:- "The Way of Escape". All Welcome. No collection.

Moyes the Butcher...

For all that is best in butcher meat.
18, Cleghorn Street, Dundee. Phone 67448.