February 1934

Tay Road Bridge at Dundee

Windsor StreetDundee Town Council are to urge upon the Government to proceed with the erection of a road bridge over the Tay at Dundee. This was the unanimous decision at a meeting of the Council on Tuesday.The proposal was brought forward by Mr Peter Gillespie, who had given notice of motion, that they urge on the Government the desirability and neccessity of proceeding with the construction of a road bridge over the Tay at Dundee, as a work of national and local importance, and to assist the unemployed, and that the Council also ask the assistance of all other local authorities who are likely to benefit by such a bridge, so that the question could be proceeded with at the earliest possible moment.

Lord Provost Buist announced that Mr Gillespie had agreed to withdraw the latter part of his motion meantime.

Mr Gillespie said that he believed the Government were going to launch out and give effect to some of the things that were held back on account of the economy that had to be undertaken two years ago. If they had a main artery between Dundee and, say, Edinburgh, they in Dundee would benefit considerably by tourists. He believed it would employ at least 500 men for five years and wellnigh 1000 if it were two years. This was apart from the structural work of the bridge itself and the work t would give to the iron and steel industry.

Bailie Patterson asked why the second part of the motion should not be put forward.

Lord Provost Buist said he did not think they should approach other local authorities at the moment. Otherwise they might be told that only Dundee was wanting this. He thought it would be far better plan to get into touch with the Government and allow the Government to call the other local authorities together.

Scheme for City Square

An important development in connection with the underground area of the new City Square, Dundee, is under consideration by a number of Dundee businessmen. No indication of the lines which this development is likely to take is being divulged until the promoters are assured that they will get the necessary space.

The City Square sub-committee has no powers to bind the Corporation as regards the letting of the area and Treasurer Phin intended to move for powers at Thursday nights meeting of the Town Council.

The accumulation of business and the length of the speeches, however, were such that by ten minutes to ten the Council had not even succeeded in getting through the minutes. Ten p.m. being the hour for adjournment, Mr D.R. Kidd moved the suspension of the standing orders to permit of the completion of business.

The necessary majority was not secured, and the Council duly adjourned at ten o'clock, to meet again on Tuesday night. Treasurer Phin was disappointed at not getting the opportunity to secure powers for the City Square sub-committee, and told a reporter that time was of great importance in the negotiations they had in view.

Stuck Fast in the Mud - "Fifie" Out of Action

The Tay Ferry Steamer B.L. Nairn was left aground in the mud for nearly three hours at Craig Pier, Dundee on Wednesday night. The steamer arrived from Newport at 7.45, landed and embarked passengers, and lay at the pier for half an hour until she was due to sail again. Then the engines started, but the tide had slipped away so quickly that the steamer could scarcely move, and it a short time she was stuck fast in the mud. The passengers had to come ashore again by the gangway.

Some crossed the Tay by train, others waited. During the later part of the evening there is only one boat on the run.

Fortunately, the Sir William High, was lying in deeper water at the west side of the pier with steam up. The boat was quickly manned and resumed the service about nine o'clock.

Only one run - the 8.15 was missed, the Sir William High making tow crossings to and from the Fife side. The B. L. Nairn was refloated on the rising tide at 11.15, just as the Sir William High arrived at the pier to tie up for the night.


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Potato Savoury

With potatoes left over for dinner, a very cheap and nourishing dish can be obtained. Slice some cold potatoes and pile them roughly in a pie dish. Beat up an egg, add on teacupful of milk, and into this stir two tablespoons each of flour, breadcrumbs and grated cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Pour over the potatoes, dot with margarine and bake in a good oven until nicely browned.


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Ashton Works Strike - Agreement Reached

An amicable settlement has been reached in the dispute at Ashton Works, Dundee, the spinners having accepted the employers' terms

The preparing, spinning and winding departments of the work will reopen on Monday morning.

The strike occurred among the spinners, 120 of whom were involved. By the agreement the spinners who were working double frames are to resume employment as before, while so far as automatic spinning is concerned single frames are to be worked. These spinners are to be employed on a lower rate of wages. The new figure is 35s 2d, which is about 10d less than the present rate.

As a result of rearrangement, girls who were formerly employed as shifters are now to be engaged at bobbin-setters on the automatic frames. The rearrangement will not cause loss of work to any of the employees.

The strike began on January 26, when the spinners were told that work with new machinery on the double frame principle would start. When the new machinery was set in motion by the overseers, seven spinners refused to start work and "cut-off". Other operatives stopped their frames in sympathy. As a result, work in the batching and preparing departments came to a standstill.

The announcement of the settlement was made on Wednesday afternoon, when it was officially stated by the firm that the spinners had accepted the employers' terms. The total number of employees of Ashton Works affected by the stoppage was 500.