April 1934

Tour to France and Belgium During Holiday Week

Reform StreetDundee folk who desire to take part in the tour to France and Belgium, promoted by the women's section of the British Legion of Scotland, are in a fortunate position. The tour is to take place during the Dundee holiday week - from Saturday, 21st July to Friday, 27th July.

The visit to France and Belgium has again been organised in view of the number of enquiries from people who had been on previous tours. As on previous occasions, opportunity will be afforded to visit the graves of relatives.

It is proposed that the party leave from Edinburgh and Glasgow on the Saturday. The inclusive cost will be £7 7s from Edinburgh or Glasgow and this covers rail and steamer fares, all meals, hotel accommodation and gratuities. A questionnaire can be obtained from Mr John Turnbull, the Lord Provost's secretary, at the City Chambers. Intending visitors are asked to give particulars as to the centre - Arras or Ypres - at which they wish to be accommodated, and also if they desire to visit a grave.

City's Abnormal Rainfall

April is not yet half through, but the rainfall in Dundee since the month started beats that of any month since October 1932. The total has now reached four inches, compared with 6.69 inches in the 1932 record month. Since Saturday the fall has reached the 3.94 inches mark. This means that close on three million tons have fallen in less than a week over the Dundee area.

Collector's Gift to Galleries - A Great Acquisition

It was intimated at a meeting of Dundee Public Libraries Committee on Thursday that Mr John Tattersall, 5 Minto Place, a well-known art collector, had presented three water-colours by E.A. Walton (1860 - 1922), the noted Scottish landscape artist, for hanging in the Victoria Galleries.

The gift consists of three fine examples of Walton's work - "The Windmill", "Gate of the Fen" and "Suffolk Pastures".

In moving that Mr Tattersall should be thanked for his handsome gift, Mr Adam Malcolm, art convener, mentioned that they had been anxious for some time to secure a good example of Walton's work. The three pictures would be a great acquisition to their water-colour collection.

Food News

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Tempt your appetite with these Choice Meats
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Passing of the Greenmarket

Dundee's open-air bazaar at the Greenmarket will be a thing of the past after to-day. The market will be transferred on Tuesday to Craig Street market, which has been reconstructed to accommodate the stallholders who for years occupied the site at Shore Terrace.

The glories of the Greenmarket- invested as it was with the glamour of an Eastern bazaar - has slowly but surely been depleted in the march of modernising of the central area of the city, and to-day the last market will be held. The passing of the last vestige of the Greenmarket is due to the site at Shore Terrace being required for a bus stance.

And so another old landmark will disappear - a landmark which will be regretted by the older generation of the citizens just as much as the demolition of the Old Town House.

Love Darg for the Infirmary

The Ministers and Butchers of Dundee meet in their annual love darg on Dens Park on Tuesday. This is the third year that the members of the cloth and the butchers have met on the football field, and the interest taken in the event is shown by the fact that the Dundee Royal Infirmary has benefited to the extent of over £700. The entire proceeds got to the infirmary, as nothing is deducted for expenses. To meet the exigencies of the present industrial situation, a gate is to be provided for the unemployed.

The attendance last year amounted to 11 000 and it is expected that this record will be surpassed. Both teams have been training hard for the occasion.

City's Apathy to Art Exhibits

The remarkable poor attendance at the current exhibition of Dundee Art Society was referred to at a meeting of Dundee Public Libraries Committee on Thursday. An admission fee of 7d is charged for the exhibition.

Mr A. S. Webster, the curator, said that about three persons attended on the first Sunday that the exhibition was open. Last Sunday they had about 2500 people in the galleries, of whom only seven paid to see the exhibition.

On Monday the spring holiday, they were open continuously from 11 am to 9 pm and only 25 people paid to see the exhibition, although there were over 3000 people in the galleries and museum. The experiment of keeping the Art Society Exhibition open on Sundays had been an utter failure.

In subsequent discussion, Mr S. G. Fraser said any exhibition under the auspices must be free, by Act of Parliament.

Victoria Theatre, Dundee

Monday April 16th
Perfect Acting by Perfect People.
6th week - the famous Denville Players in another super attraction. The Great Spectacular Scottish play "Annie Laurie" by Alfred Denville.
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