October 1933

City Square to Open to Public

FairAfter peeping through the chinks in the barricades for many moons the public have at last been admitted to Dundee's City Square. The middle area nest to the High Street and the carriageway in front of the west wing are cut off for public use, but elsewhere Dundee citizens could enjoy their first walk across the square. And many availed themselves of the opportunity when the barricades were removed on Tuesday.The farmers at their weekly market had the pleasure of being the first to "occupy" part of the square. In recent years they have been crammed between the Caird Hall front and the barricade. On Tuesday they found more freedom and by three o'clock were looking as if they had been there all their lives.

Caird Hall Concert

Corporation Organ Recital
James Hinchcliffe, city organist
Phyllis Graves, soprano
Andrew Petrie, Tenor

Pianoforte Concerto
Sunday at 8pm.
Silver collection. Free programmes.

United Player for England

George Watson, Dundee United's right-half and centre-half, who got a free transfer at the end of the last season, has gone to Bradford, where he is to have an extended trail with the City. He joins another Tannadice half-back in Bobby Bauld, who is one of the most popular players on the clubs books.

Watson is an Errol boy. He was brought out by Dundee North End, from who he joined Dundee United. He spent three years at Tannadice. This season he has assisted St Johnstone on several occasions.

Increase in City's Voting List

Although the number of women voters in Dundee is still far in excess of the number of men voters, the margin has been considerable decreased during this year. The number of male voters has increased by 563 whereas the increase in female voters had been only 11.

The total number of Parliamentary voters in Dundee has increased during the past year by 574, according to the 1933 registrar just issued by the Registration Office.

The total number of Parliamentary voters in the city is 110,830, women and men being in the proportions of approximately 57 per cent to 43 per cent. The local government voters' register has increased by 574 during the year, and now stand at 83,369. In this department men voters have increased by 382 and women by 372.

Royal Gift to Dundee Muesum

A gift from royalty has been received by Dundee Museum. The King has presented the head and skin of a red deer shot on Balmoral estates, and a letter from Major McKenzie, the King's Commissioner at Balmoral, intimating the gift, was received by the Lord Provost on Wednesday.

The gift is especially welcome to the museum authorities, as a red deer was required to complete the collection.

A letter of thanks for the King's gift was sent on Wednesday afternoon.

Holiday Rush on Dundee Cinemas

The Autumn holiday, Dundee's last respite ere the Christmas and New Year festivities are upon us, was favoured by glorious weather, and it is not surprising that some 20,000 of the citizens took occasion to spend their holiday outwith the bounds of the city.

The demand on the cinemas became so extraordinary that the biggest queues for some years were seen. Many people were turned away and strolled through the streets trying to be cheerful though aimless.

The Navy came to the rescue. The arrival of the men-of-war provided an attraction for thousands of holidaymakers who were at a loose end.

In the evening there was hardly a cinema in the town that did not have to put up the "full house" notice. Those who had been away for the day and returned early were to be seen hunting around the various places of amusement in the hope of getting some where.

The stations and buses experienced a busy time and Dundee Corporation Transport Department secured its share of the traffic by running pleasure tours around the city. These trips started from Shore Terrace and a continuous stream of buses was required to deal with the long queue that kept forming by the side of the Caird Hall. The railway stations were hives of activity until late in the afternoon, the booking showing a satisfactory increase over last year.

Simple Remedies For:-

Indigestion - If occasionally you are worried about this complaint try half a teaspoonful of baking soda in a cupful of hot water. This will quickly effect a cure.

Toothache - to give immediate relief paint the gum round the tooth with a little tincture of iodine. Put a shawl round the head, lie down for a little, and apply to the cheek of the effected side a hot bottle bag. Consult the dentist at the earliest possible opportunity lest the tooth is decayed.

Church Services

All women are cordially invited to Y.M.C.A., Tay Street, tonight at 7.30.
Sabbath 3. Bible class - Miss Stewart; Evangelistic, 6.30 - Mr Trainer.
Wednesday 8 workers' meeting. Thursday, 8 - Miss A.J. Scott.

New Restaurant

Visit the new "Carlton" Fish Restaurant, 21,Hilltown, Dundee.
Skate suppers a speciality.
Quality, cleanliness and service.

Jumble Sale

St Roques Church Hall, Blackscroft. Saturday 4th November at 2.30pm. Admission 2d.

Tobacco at its Best

Cigarette tobaccos - Get the best (8d to 1s per oz) from J.W. Sutherland, opposite the Tay Bridge Station, Dundee.