September 1933

Sir Harry Lauders Dundee Visit

River TayThe visit of Sir Harry Lauder to the Victoria Theatre next week is the outstanding event of the variety season in Dundee.

His host of admirers in the city will be supplemented by many from the surrounding district, and booking is already proceeding very steadily. The famous Scot, who is appearing this week in Aberdeen, will be heard in old and new numbers, but Sir Harry is well described as being "ever new".

He will be supported by the following well-known artists:- Clifford Guest, Australian Impressionist Tom Taylor, the musical ploughman, Noyes and Dee with Veronica, eccentric dancers, Don and Luis, in "embarrassing moments" and Mae Johnston, Scottish Soprano.

Address to Dundee Rotarians

"By Autobus in France" was the subject of an address given by Dr A.E. Kidd at Dundee Rotary Club in Kidds Rooms yesterday afternoon. Dr Kidd described his recent holiday experiences and impressions of France. He conveyed to the members of fraternal greetings from the Rotary Club of Aix, Chambery and Lyons. Mr George Fleming proposed a vote of thanks. Mr G.T. Watson who presided paid a tribute to the late Mr John Sinclair.

Gold Price Brakes all Records
Sovereigns Still Being Sold in Dundee

The price of gold rose yesterday to 130s 8 ½d per oz fine, which is the highest price on record. This compares with the previous highest of 130s 8d per oz fine recorded in November 30 last.

The price of gold in sterling is determined by the rate of exchange on Paris. France appreciated further further yesterday to 80 7/8 to the £1, compared with a parity level of 124.21 to the £1. The rising price of the precious metal within the last few days has been followed by a minor orgy of selling in Dundee and though there are not many sovereigns remaining in the city, after previous rushes they are continuing to find their way into the hands of the bullion dealers. The rise of the marker until 30s was offered for a sovereign tempted many Dundee people to "disgorge" and on Thursday a bullion dealer in the city bought 500 sovereigns as well as a fairly large quantity of old gold.

The response in the city yesterday, however, was not so good, despite the fact that the price offered set up a new record. About 200 sovereigns changed hands. A representative of a bullion dealer said that the business was quite satisfactory, although it did not compare to the first rush. During that spell, he added, he bought 4000 sovereigns a day.

Traffic Lights Bring New Bye-laws

Dundee Horses Must Keep off Brae Traffic Lights Bring New Bye-laws

The new Dundee bye-law prohibiting horse-drawn vehicles proceeding up Constitution Road between its junction with Euclid Street and Bell Street has now been confirmed by Sheriff Blades and the Secretary for Scotland. The bye-law has been framed in view of the erection of automatic traffic signals at the corners of Bell Street and Constitution Road. The gradient in Constitution Road makes it difficult and dangerous to restart horses after stopping in obedience to the signals. Any person failing to observe the bylaw is liable to a penalty not exceeding 40.

Dundee's Indian Summer 

Holiday Spirit Recaptured at Broughty Sands
The holiday spirit was recaptured on the sand at Broughty Ferry yesterday afternoon. From a blue, unclouded sky a glorious September sun shone on a scene of animation and colour. The warmth of it rays however, was tempered by a breeze ruffling over the sparkling waters. Hundred of people flocked to the beach and revelled in the summer-like conditions. Bathing suits and deck chairs were prominent, while family parties were were ensconed here and there on the sands. Further along the beach, near the bends a party if energetic and athletic young men and women, attired in bathing suits, amused themselves and numerous spectators, with a display of acrobatics and leap-frog. The refreshments kiosks along the front did a big trade in wafers and lemonade. It was not until well after 5 o'clock that the crowds dispersed, taking with them the holiday atmosphere.

Ornamental Flower-beds for City Square

It was agreed by the Works Sub-Committee of Dundee Town Council yesterday that the whole area between the carriageways of the new City Square be laid with adamantine slabs, and temporary remove able concrete kerbs provided for the layout of the centre. These will be arranged so as to form ornamental flower-beds, into which on a layer of earth plant pots will be placed and frequently changed, so that there will be a continual display of flowering plants in the Square.

Road Made With Jute and Tar

Third Stage In Dundee Experiment
Three different systems of roadmaking have been laid at Johnston Avenue in Dundee with a view of ascertaining the suitabilty of jute cloth as road material. Already a stretch of 100 yards has been laid with ordinary asphalt surfacing and another portion of similar length with a composition of hessian cloth and asphalt. Yesterday work was begun in laying a portion with jute cloth and tar. In the latest experiment the road foundation has been covered with layers of cloth running parallel with the kerb. This is sprayed with tar, followed by a sprinkling of half-inch stone chips. Further tar spraying and a quantity of half-inch chips complete the surface.

Football Facilities in Dundee Parks

With a view to seeing what can be done to improve facilities for football players in the public parks of Dundee a sub-committee of the Parks Committee of Dundee Town Council, guided by Convener James Gillies and the superintendent Mr Ales. Macrae, yesterday inspected the various pitches. They recommended that the city architect should be instructed to prepare and submit plans and estimates for the erection of a corrugated iron building with stripping accommodation and shelter for the pulbic at Riverside Park; a pavilion at Lochee Park and extensions of the stripping accommodation at Fairmuir and Claypotts Parks.

Dundee Street Corner Development

The development of the corner of Victoria Road and Dens Brae as a business site is to be recommended by D.B. McLay, director of housing, to the Housing Committee of Dundee Town Council today. A proposal to utilise the site for a block of houses with shops on the ground floor was before the committee at a previous meeting and Mr McLay was instructed to report on this idea. He is to submit plans for a four-storey building providing two large shops and six houses. He suggested however, that further efforts should be made to advertise the site. In his opinion the ground could be more advantageously used for business purposes than for housing.

"Wash and Brush Up For The Caird Hall"

In preparation for the opening of Dundee's new City Square, proposals are being made for brightening up the front of the Caird Hall. Although of comparatively recently date, the Caird Hall building will of course be the oldest building in the Square. The front of the building needs cleaning down, it is thought, and this question will come before a sub-committee of the Works Committee today. Another matter which the sub-committee may deal is the condition of the steps in front of the Caird Hall. With the passage of time the steps have become worn and chipped in several places and call for some renovation.