November 1960

Mass Grave Found in Nethergate

Caldrum StreetThe remains of hundreds of bodies - believed to have been victims of the Siege of Dundee in 1651- have been disinterred in Nethergate.

The skeletons, mostly in separate skulls and bones were about three feet down in the trench evacuated along the frontage of the City Churches. The trench is to hold a new water main necessary under the central redevelopment scheme.Apparently the bodies were just buried in a mass grave. The skeletons were not in any line, just lying as they had been thrown in on top of each other.

It was towards the end of July 1651 that General Monk appeared at the gates of Dundee and summoned the Governor to surrender. When he refused, the siege was pressed with vigour, but the garrison and townspeople defied Monk's efforts for weeks. The town was stormed on September 1, and after a sharp resistance, lay at the mercy of the besiegers.

It is recorded that Monk imposed no restraint on his soldiers. Along with Lumsden, there were between 700 and 800 of the garrison and townsmen in a wild slaughter. One writer recorded that 200 women and children were massacred.

Wellgate "Blitz"

The Wellgate will disappear within the next four years. Practically all the property to the east between Victoria Road and King Street as far as Dens Brae will also be demolished. And the blitz will extend to the west - to Panmure Street and Meadowside.

The plan for this latest sensational transformation of central Dundee will be announced to the corporation's Town Planning Committee on Monday by City Engineer and Town Planning Officer, Mr John Armour.

It will suggest the biggest purge of elderly property in the history of the city. The scheduled area takes in about 150 shops. It measures 15 acres - one acre more than the complete extent of the Overgate Redevelopment Scheme.

Buildings which are likely to remain are St Andrew's Parish Church and the McGill Brothers-Khandahar House-Lord Roberts Workshop corner block.

Once the corporation has accepted the plan, Scottish Secretary approval will be sought to have the zone classed as a compulsory development area.

Since the Wellgate scheme was in the city's original 20-year plan, the Government OK is expected to be swift. It could come within eight weeks of application. A number of properties in the "blitz zone" are still privately owned. From experience in the Overgate scheme, it may take 18 months to two years to sort out the legal tangles involved.

Again as in the case of the Overgate, the rebuilding will be contracted out to private developers. Because the scheme may become a national showpiece, it may be decided to launch a layout competition for architects.

Whatever plan is adopted, it will retain the section west of Idvies Street as a shop and offices area. The part between Idvies Street and Dens Brae will be tagged as residential - for the building of multi-storey flats.

The new centre will produce a wider King Street and will eliminate Panmure Street. It will incorporate part of the proposed ring road. Purpose of the road is to make for easy flow when the Tay Road Bridge adds to the already apparent central congestion.

But even if the Government continues to back-pedal on its road bridge pledge, it's expected that the Wellgate "blitz" will go ahead.

One aim is to maintain continuity of labour for those engaged on the Overgate scheme. Building on the first phase - at Long Wynd end- is timed to start April next year. The Corporation is also anxious to achieve maximum rate income from its central land.

Property in the old Overgate produced annual revenue from rates of approximately £70,000. The new-look Overgate is expected to bring in about £220,000 a year.

S.C.W.S Emporium

The best way of saying Merry Christmas
Christmas Gift Ideas

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S.C.W.S Emporium, 11 Cowgate, Dundee. Phone 25585.

Bright Tips

Coal Will Do the Trick - If you have a pot plant "Wandering Sailor" which has green leaves place a small piece of coal in the centre of the pot and the leaves will gradually turn blue. This takes about a fortnight. Mrs N. C. Craik, Huntly.

No Fraying - Warm the scissors slightly before cutting nylon material. This seals the edges and will stop them fraying. Mrs J. Scott, Aberdeen.

Public Notice

Special Remembrance Day Service
Sunday, November 13, at 7 p.m.
A Message of Comfort and Assurance
"Life after Death"
The Bible tells of Hope beyond the tomb!
But will we recognise out loved ones hereafter?
Howard Parkin will answer this vital question.
Items by members of his Missionary Volunteer Team.
All ages welcome.
Admission free.
The Caird Hall, Dundee.

Short Time for Some Workers

Sixty-six Dundee jute workers are to become redundant, 338 will work shorter hours and 850 employees of a city electrical firm are to go on a four-day week.

The reduction in manpower and hours which will not come into effect before November 14 - was announce by Jute Industries Limited, who say they could not, under present circumstances, maintain their jute cloth production at the existing high level. Uncertainty arising form the current raw jute situation in Pakistan is blamed.

A drop in refrigerator sales and general trade recession forces Morphy-Richards (Astral) Ltd., to put 850 employees in their three factories on a four-day week from November 14.

A Good One

Dundee United have picked up a good one in Bobby Howieson. "He'll soon challenge for a place in the league team". That's the verdict of a Clyde man who saw him make his debut with United reserves at Shawfield.

Howieson is not unlike Johnny Coyle in build - small but burly. His ball work is brilliant, he always moves into the open space and is every ready to shoot. He is always shouting for the ball. At Shawfield he ran himself into the ground. He had definitely learned in his two seasons with Leeds United.

Making Way for the Hilltown "Skyscrapers"

Tenement block Nos. 66-76 Hilltown are to be demolished. In their place will be three blocks of multi-storey flats - the highest being 18 storeys and the lowest 14, to give an even appearance as building progresses down the hill. The blocks are now empty. The City Engineer has been notified, gas and electricity will be cut off, and demolition will start as soon as possible.


Royal Dundee Institution for the Blind,
Dalgleish Hostel, Paton's Lane,
Appointment of Matron
The Directors invite applications for the post of Matron of the above Hostel. Applicants should be experienced in housekeeping and domestic duties, and should preferably be experienced also in nursing. The Hostel accommodates 24 persons, but usually there is a smaller number in residence. Minimum salary of £500 under deduction of usual allowance for board and lodging. Pension arrangements.

Applications with the names of two referees should be lodged with the Secretaries, Messrs Reid, Johnston, Bell and Henderson, Solicitors, 34, Reform Street, Dundee as soon as possible but not later than Monday December 5.